rebecca minkoff steady tote
Rebecca Minkoff Steady Tote

I woke up this morning with one of the most annoying and worst feelings; feeling totally unrested. It is not that this feeling is ok any other morning, but when it happens on a Monday, you know it is going to be a long week. This whole Spring ahead time change is not helping at all either. My internal clock is that sensitive that the one hour time change has me all jumbled up. So yes, this is just another Manic Monday where I would pay good money for a long nap or a mini vacation. And speaking of which, there is something so perfect about many of the Rebecca Minkoff bags and their names that makes me want to hop in he car and get away for a few days. The new stylish tote added to the pre-existing list of hits is the Rebecca Minkoff Steady Tote. This bag sports glazed leather with embossed metallic leather trim and funky stud detail throughout. There are snap slant pockets at the front and back and an optional shoulder strap. Dimensions are great for throwing a few things in and getting out of here; 9″H x 14″L x 8″D. The colors of this bag are peaceful, in a dusty neutral with subtle shimmers of silver accents. The Steady Tote is simple, fun, and calling my name to pack it up and drive me away. Buy through Shop Bop for $675.

Hope the rest of you had a better start to your Monday!

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