Despite the beauty of the last Nancy Gonzalez bag that we reviewed, the combination of exotics and non-exotics didn’t exactly inspire all of our commenters. Using multiple materials is difficult to pull off, for sure, but what about using two exotics? Is the whole more than the sum of its parts? I think it is for the Nancy Gonzalez Python/Crocodile Tote. And just look at the end result…

Nancy Gonzalez Python Crocodile Satchel

This may be one of my favorite Nancy Gonzalez bags of all time, which says a lot, given my penchant for exotics. This particular shade of blue-undertoned grey is fantastic for highlighting scale and texture differences on exotic skins and bringing out their natural patterns and variations, which is exactly what a well-designed exotic bag should do. Python is the main event here, making up the front and back of the bag, while the sturdier crocodile skin forms the bag’s gussets. I’d be interested to see what the bag would look like if the material usage was flipped, but either way, it’s still beyond gorgeous. The neat rows of studs that run on either side of the bag’s front panel are the perfect finishing touch and something slightly out of character for the designer – I hope we see more of it in the future. Buy through Saks for $3100.

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  • NZA

    Love, love, love this bag. I was about to get this bag…then I went to BG this week and they have this same bag but all croc (in different colors). Now, I’m torn…

  • Ursula

    This is one of the best executed designs I’ve ever seen from any designer. Kudos to Nancy Gonzalez and her team.

  • susan

    I think I’d rather see it in all croc, or all python.

  • NZA

    They do have it in all croc! Also gorgeous!

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice :)

  • otter

    Very nice. Love the color, size, shape and overall design. I would be proud to carry this baby!

  • Christina H

    *buys lottery ticket and prays*

    • ela

      lol! loved your comment =)

  • michaelstjames

    i LOVE this bag and mixing exotic skins is awesome!

  • Sarah

    This bag is gorgeous. I think Nancy Gonzalez is definitley one of the best handbag designers out there right now.

  • Amanda

    I love the look of this one! The color is to die for gorgeous and the scales in the front are perfect.

  • Merve

    All i can say is WOW. I dont own a Gonzalez and i felt like i’ve been waiting for the perfect one. I think this is she.

  • mette

    I don´t like it. I don´t like the studs. Even them being there, the bag lacks `something´. I have a bad experience of NC exotics, so I´ll pass this one.

  • ssc0619

    Now this one I love!! I would definitely buy it

  • Kendra

    Sweet, so sweet. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice bag! out of my price range as are all else here. (fb)