Mulberry Radcliffe Canvas Bag I hope all of you had a weekend enjoying some spring time sunshine. I spent many days relaxing and shopping and the evenings winding down in the jacuzzi! Got to love Florida! And now as it is just warming up, when you head to swipe some plastic, you realize that fall/winter lines are out already. It is 80 degrees and I was looking at velvet hats. Hum. Not sure if it is because the coloring is drab for spring or the coloring is drab all together, the Mulberry Radcliffe Canvas Bag does not do it for me. The tan canvas appears washed out which in turn looses the Paisley leather appliques in the mix. This bag reminds me of what a very slight beige color looks like on me. DRAB. I look like I have never seen the sun, my skin looks horrid, and I just blend into the background. I hate to see a bag with potential do the same thing. There is a signature buckle and woven brown leather handles which offset the coloring a tad. Because of my light skin, light hair, and blue eyes, this bag is not for me. Yet on someone completely different, it could work. Sure it is simple, but loosing the pattern in the bag looses my interest in the bag. Via Net-A-Porter for $795.

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