Mulberry Elgin Tote

How do you like your totes? Are you someone who prefers it longer or taller? My preference is for a longer tote, but sometimes a taller tote catches my eye and is also appealing. One of the taller totes that has my attention is the Mulberry Elgin Tote. Mulberry has made its way into many of our hearts and hands and this tote is simple but fashionable with its brass buckles and buckle strap closures. The tote is designed from soft pebble leather and is shown off by contrast stitching. For carrying, there are two shoulder straps with a 71⁄4″ drop which should be ample room to fit under the arm. Measuring 131⁄4″H X 12″L X 53⁄4″W , this tote shows that its height and length are not hugely different, but from an outsiders eye the dimensions seem to be much easier to differentiate. After opening the buckle strap closure, there is a zip pocket and suede lining. I’m a fan of the buckle and strap detailing on this bag. Buy it through Saks for $995.

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