Marni Printed Cotton Shopper Neutrals and black and white (or any shade of black or white) are always the safest colors. Personally, I look drab in many beige colors, but deeper browns are great on me. I look better in gray than in black. I like both white and any shade of creme on myself. We are all different, but black and white are fairly safe colors. I will admit, I’d prefer a pink canvas bag to a black/ivory, but there is some appeal in the Marni Printed Cotton Shopper. This tote bag is made with cotton canvas, a maze like pattern, and has drawstrings openings at the top. I am actually getting a tad dizzy looking at it, which makes me realize it is totally not for me, but I do think it is great for a younger age gal wanting to dress down. Leather trim and nylon handles finish off this Marni shopper. Simple, but the maze reminds me a tad of a lab mouse maze, and that is sure something that I do not want to be reminded of when carrying around my everyday. What are your thoughts? Is this a safe bag, a fun bag, a bag only for young people, a bag that you despise, a bag that makes you dizzy?

Via NAP for $474.

Perfectly Pink

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