Talk about a departure from the expected. When I think of Marni, I think of clean lines and geometric shapes, but this Marni bag is entirely different. Fur. Yes, an entire bag covered in alpaca fur from the designer who typically brings us the cleanest colors, lines, and looks.

Marni Alpaca Tote

I have never craved to have a handbag covered in fur and I feel the same after seeing the Marni Alpaca Tote. Covered in gray alpaca fur, this tote has a thick industrial-like silver tone chain handle. When shown on the model, the chain looks like one you would find on a farm, not a designer handbag. I don’t doubt the alpaca is decadent but it is just not for me. Are you digging this alpaca bag from Marni? Buy through Net A Porter for $2,440.

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  • enshogirl

    It’s a creative idea for a purse. The chain is a nice touch with the whole theme, but I’m not too sure about it.

    Looks like you’d have to register it with your town… or at least get it a rabies shot every year.

  • Jane Lister

    Ah no thanks. An alpaca sweater, maybe, but no way a purse. When there are so many little celebrities walking around with their dogs in their hands I think you could get confused which was which. “Am I caring my dog or my purse?”

  • wgs

    why are marni bags so weird looking and so expensive. i dont get it.

  • kimmee1969

    Whoa… stay out of the rain! Wet alpaca smell is not stylish.

  • Q

    I love how weird it is, it kind of looks like a muppet friend, but since it’s something I’d only wear on a whim occasionally, for that price I wouldn’t buy it.

  • michele

    agree with the alpaca sweater, not the bag….

  • Beth


  • 19yearslater

    If it were pink I would have loved it at age 11 or so. Its really very ugly and the price is outlandish. Better luck next time, design department.

  • Marissa Cooper

    It’s kinda cute….in a way…but no thnx!

  • Grad School Mommy

    that almost looks alive. yeah… no. i can’t think of anyone who would make that look stylish.

  • Looks like we have the attack of another fur bag this morning! Yikes!

  • nancyrush9

    I can’t get past the fur…makes me think I should be in the mountains somewhere.

  • Claire

    OK, the Prada fur bag looks like my cat Smushy, and this one looks like my other cat, Pluto. Seriously.