Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Black ToteThat Louis Vuitton keep reinventing themselves and their seemingly endless collections of bags and luggage, that is no secret at all. New colors here and there, new spin-offs of the traditional and very popular Monogram Canvas come to mind. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I don’t dig the traditional canvas at all, I get sick of seeing it on the streets and having to automatically wonder if it’s a faux or not. While I do like some of the derivates that LV has released lately, some I totally still can’t stand at all, vis the Cerises for example. However, and here comes the big but, I really like the Monogram Mini in black. The black canvas with silverish LV monograms just does it for me. Megs likes it, too – I share her opinion that it looks much more sophisticated than the cerise shade, or any others that the MM had been released in thus far.

Prime example – the LV Cabas Mary Kate. The $1k tote sports a young and trendy look and can function well as a casual & daily tote for urban biz meetings or other work-related jazz. The double zipper adds convenience and quick access, and extra inner pockets give enough room for cell and misc bag junk.


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