As I’ve mentioned previously, possibly more than once (ok, so, maybe a lot more than once), I normally find brown bags completely objectionable. I don’t have a brown-friendly wardrobe, I don’t find it to be a particularly modern shade, and sometimes I feel like it’s a cop-out for people that don’t have the guts to buy a real color. I’m also a big proponent of brights as neutrals, and the bag I’ve carried every day for the past couple of weeks can be referred to as nothing less than VIOLET. In all caps. It’s that purple.

But today, I was inspired by Megs posting a beautiful Burberry bag that just so happened to be brown, and I decided to take a look around the Internet and see if I could find a bag to inspire me as well. I was dubious, and I anticipated writing a post about how there are absolutely NO good brown bags out there, but, as happens from time to time, I was wrong.

The Kooba Blake Tote is absolutely beautiful. It’s incredibly simple and sometimes I think the handbag powers that be spend too much time trying to be innovative or edgy when they could just be spending their time making bags that are simply beautiful and functional to begin with. Kooba can make some crazy-looking things, and occasionally some things that don’t even resemble handbags, but I think they got it right this time. Their leather is almost always incredibly soft, and this bag looks like it’s no exception. It almost reminds me of the kind that you would find on high-quality equestrian boots (well, what I imagine expensive equestrian boots would look like; I haven’t been on a horse since, uh, ever).

The bag is also a great size – if I was heading back to school this month, I’d definitely consider this bag as a school tote. Oh well, I’m sure I can find some reason that I need a bag that size. I’m going to Colorado in November…can you say CARRY-ON?

So I have to eat some crow here – beautiful brown bags do exist. There just aren’t that many of them. Available in black and brown leather at Neiman Marcus for $645. Also, I found it in glossy black, caramel, and amethyst for $645 via Nordstrom.

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  • Oliana

    You are right about brown colour. At least that’s what I have found out through my work, but it’s good news this season for all brown colour lovers, it is going to be a big hit! Designers -from Tod’s to Fendi- are promoting it and although black is always a favourite, we are going to enjoy some beautiful shades of brown this season.

  • Renee

    Ok, so I just read this posting this morning, then we went out for breakfast at our favorite french bakery and I saw someone with this exact bag in black. It was GORGEOUS!!!!!!! It looked even better in person too! Totally loved it and am now coveting this bag.


  • beth001

    STUNNING! I really don’t know Kooba, but I think I might know where to look at one of these in person. (And feel it, and smell it… all good.) Too bad it’s too big for a purse for me, and too small for a workbag. It just looks scrumptious!

  • luce

    it’s very pretty!! i do like it. it looks a bit overpriced tho, i would prob wait for it to go on sale if i were going to buy it.

  • I love all things Kooba!

  • Jamie

    I am looking for a bag for school (I start in 11 days! :grin: ) and I love this bag!
    I also loved the burberry bag mentioned earlier this week although both of them are a bit steep for a school tote.

  • Cadence

    I think that brown gets the bad name of being blah. I have a brown friendly wardrobe seeing as I wear alot of autumn shades. But I try very hard to stay away from beige or browns that are dull and dingy looking. In fact, I recently walked away from a Michael Kors purse because I thought the leather looked dirty instead of vibrant. I think that it wasn’t meant to look like that but the store employees hadn’t cleaned it (they usually don’t) and it hadn’t aged very well. Anyway, I pick browns that are vibrant and textured, rich and full of life. Some of the Nancy Gonzales crocs.

  • I can’t say brown offends me as much as it does you but I would prefer black. However. I love this bag. It’s big and it’s bold, and even I couldn’t fill it. Fabulous!

  • lv925

    The amethyst is GEORGEOUS!!! :twisted:

  • lipvixen

    Honestly brown is not my favorite color either but some styles of bag really have more character when done in chocolate, tan or oak. This isn’t one of them for me. I would get the amethyst version or if they had one in bordeaux or cranberry.

  • mimi

    This bag caught my eye immediately. Such a beautiful simple modern bag for people who love big bags. I love it. The brown is gorgeous.

  • smitzy

    amanda, i think you need to do a follow-up on this bag! there are some yummy new colors (amethyst, caramel and stone) and a good picture of blake lively carrying it! (i wonder if the bag was named for her?) anyway i figured given your GG obession, you’d be interested in that :)