Kooba Ada Woven Leather Tote Today is the most hectic day I have had in a long time. I have about 8,586,230 errands to run before Vlad makes it back to the States tonight!! I have to find the perfect airport outfit too (don’t even get me started on airport outfits) and clean up! Wheee. So right now I don’t have much posting time because I’m running behind on time. For a bag that is like no other and reminds me of the days of Joan of Arc, give your attention to Kooba Ada Woven Leather Tote. This bag looks like metal garb to me. But there is no metal; the bag is made from woven leather with large antiqued brass studs, canvas, and rope. Something about this bag just reminds me of a metal suit rather than anything else. Hum this could be the lack of sleep talking or the excitement for Vlad’s arrival. Either way buy this crazy bag that is not my style through eLuxury for $725.

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  • Carolyn

    Nah. Not my style.

  • mel

    ok this bag maybe an original but it not going to be a very good seller b/c its ugly and has no fashion to it

  • BagLog.com

    not into it either

  • Ashley

    Its obvious that Mel has no taste and probably can’t afford such a bag.

  • Lynn

    Love this Kooba bag. It’s unique. Dare to be different!

  • christy

    :razz: :razz: :razz: I want this bag so bad! It deserves an A+++ I’m gonna buy it on eBay. THank God for Kooba.

    • donna

      I have this bag and am going to list on ebay. I bought last August and used it a few times. Love it but just do not use it enough. Are you interested? I bought for $350 brand new and it is slightly used. Sell for $150…

  • Naggy

    It looks like armor. (ipad)