Juicy Couture Rock The Bag Leather Tote
Juicy Couture Rock The Bag Leather Tote

I will say it out loud, I have been very harsh on some Juicy Couture Bags before. Sometimes too harsh. The fact of the matter is many times the crowd is a bit different for many of their lines and the bags are intended to be fun. But recently I saw the Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely and thought it was lovely. And now I have found the Juicy Couture Rock The Bag Leather Tote and find it to be the perfect understated large tote. This looks more like a Marc by Marc bag than a Juicy Couture bag. Blink again, take it in. It is a great tote, right? The logo is barely anywhere to be found. The subtle simplicity is just what we need sometimes. A bag is a bag and meant to carry things. Sometimes all the fuss needs to be toned down, and this option is perfect. The logo at the bottom is tonal and reads “Juicy is for nice girls who like stuff”. You know what, it may be corny for some but it is perfectly placed at the bottom and does not scream out. In fact I bet you would have to walk creepily close to someone carrying this bag to be able to read it. There are a few stud accents, double straps, one inside pocket, and cotton lining. Size is square;17″W X 17″H X 2″D. Juicy, if you keep doing this you may just win me back! Because with the last two bags you have regained quite a bit of what I saw you as, a fun, everyday brand, that intends to grab attention and be casual and easy to wear. Buy through Saks for $225.

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  • merve

    Finally a bag by juicy that doesnt make us retch

  • Alex

    agreed! i actually like this one!

  • LucianaW

    I love this….pratical, large!

  • ELW

    I do not see a picture of this bag. The blog has less and less pictures. Why is that? I need a pic.

    • I post at least one picture with every post… there is a picture of the bag posted this time too. Try clearing your cache and that should help!

  • pursecrzy

    I love this bag! Never would have thought it was Juicy.

  • amante

    It looks like Henry Cuir (unstructured raw leather bag) meets Marc by Marc (cheeky color palette). Not bad at all. :)

  • Forint

    Super simple/fun bag – Love the purple, ordering for my daughter! Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Val

    I guess it is a big improvement for juicy, but its a little boring…

  • mette

    Again-the color is what´s best about this bag.

  • Jahpson

    what the hell is that?

    its a basic bag. not for $225.

  • Bridget Wright

    This is a scrumptious bag! But, for $225, I don’t know if it’s practical to use as a regular tote. Maybe a little ovrpriced.

  • Anaija CLinton

    I have 2 of these bags, I love them to death, I am trying to see if anyone knows if they still sale them or maybe a outlet store still has them. I am in need!!!! Please some one let me know!!!!