Jimmy Choo Isola Shopper

Giddy up, cowgirl. The Jimmy Choo Isola Shopper is ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time. And I hope you don’t expect me to continue writing like that for the rest of the post, because I think it would make my head explode.

Fringe and studs are two things that you have to be very careful with, lest they turn a cute outfit into a complete costume. The folks at Jimmy Choo apparently chose not to heed such warnings, and this handbag suffers for it.

I really wish it was better, because I kind of like where they were headed with this style, but the first problem is the star studs. Studs can be studs and stars can be stars, but making them one and the same on a super expensive handbag does not exactly say “high end” to me. It says rodeo clown. When you combine that with a healthy doze of fringe and chunky leather stitching on the same bag, this particular piece becomes something that would probably only appeal to a very specific customer, and that customer is not me. Which is too bad, because the leather and the wrinkling detail on this bag are beautiful. It’s the rest of it that’s not. Buy through Nordstrom for $1495.

Perfectly Pink

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