Is the Jimmy Choo Diego Straw Tote new, as it’s “pre-order” status on would seemingly indicate? I’ve certainly yet to encounter it, and I check online retailers for new bags every day. And if it is brand new, then why is it just showing up now? August, really? People are surely still taking vacations to the beach now, but hasn’t the time for buying straw bags sort of passed?

Jimmy Choo Diego Straw Tote

Particularly for buying a straw bag that will cost, after tax, over $1000. That seems like a beginning-of-the-summer purchase, if you’re inclined to spend so much money on a straw bag at all, and most people contemplating big bag purchases seem to be looking forward to the next season and thinking about black leather, studs, and industrial details, not cutesy straw. The timing of this bag seems incredibly ill-advised, and since the design isn’t particularly strong, I’d bet that it’s destined for a long life on the sale rack. Buy through Saks for $975.

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  • bagKrazy!!!

    nothin spectacular here.why anybody would spend almost a thousand bucks on this-a STRAW bag is way beyond my comprehension,i agree with you Amanda.

  • janis

    Now, I like this bag. I think women who buy high end bags take vacations year round.

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t like it and you’re right, the time for buying this is nearing an end.

  • bag
  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I am not loving this straw bag. I’m disappointed. (ipad)

  • AW

    I actually think this is quite cute if not at all practical in terms of being able to carry the things you need to carry to the beach. At that price however, I would settle for a lovely leather MJ bag