Donna Karan Pleated North-South ToteI’ve written rather mercilessly about Donna Karan handbags over the past few months, so I feel like it’s my duty to also present successful designs from the company when I see them. Which is exactly what the Donna Karan Pleated North-South Tote is – casually elegant, not over-designed, and completely successful.

Because of the thickness of leather, few designers attempt to pleat it, since pleats are predicated on the ability to make sharp creases in a material. It appears as though Karan was able to do that in this case, all without sacrificing the leather’s luxurious, soft look. The entire bag appears to be both functional and chic, mainly because the bag’s design elements are derived from the essential materials used to construct the bag, not from adding extra hardware, seaming, or otherwise-gimmicky doo-dads. It’s a basic bag that also manages to have a lot of style, and it’s light years better than anything else we’ve seen form this designer recently. Well played, Donna Karan. Well, except for the price – still too high for what you get. Buy through Saks for $1495.

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  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I am a big fan of totes in general. They are so easy to just throw over your shoulder with everything under the sun in them! This one is no exception; I especially like the handles and the pleats are a great touch. However, as you mentioned, the price is much too steep!


  • renee

    It looks like a regular tote after having 3 kids.

  • otter

    Someone needs to tell DK that she isn’t a high end bag designer. Accept it, own it and work the right market.

  • Mandy

    Hahaha renee…funny. I won’t even consider DK bags. Astronomical prices, uninteresting designs, not even great quality. Not at all worth it.

  • Merve

    I wouldnt buy it but its actually the first DK bag that hasnt got me running for the hills.

  • chirpy_gal


  • Karen

    I had to double take when i saw this post because it looks like the less stylish doppelganger of a Beth Springer bag I got recently. ( I got the navy one below. Cheaper, way cuter & its eco-friendly which I’m really into as well.

  • Bobbi

    Saw it on your blog but yesterday saw this super cool girl downtown wearing it cross body…she rocked it…I had major bag envy…I need an eldridge, NNNOOOWWWWWW!!!!