Not to be completely cliche, but lookie here – lightening has struck twice! It appears as thought something as afoot at Bally. Known for unobtrusive, somewhat bland bags for people that like beige, they seem to be barking up an entirely new tree lately. First, we covered the Bally Multi Zip Hobo, and now we’ve got the Bally Studded Top Handle. I loved the last one, and I may like this one even better. Which is odd, considering I can’t recall even noticing a Bally bag before last week.

Bally Studded Top Handle

The best decision that they made with this bag was making the rounded studs black instead of silver. That way, they look more like a texture instead of a decoration from a distance, but you still get the full effect when you’re close up. Another great move was making the studs steadily larger as they extend down the body of the bag – it adds to the idea that it’s a texture instead of just a bunch of stuck-on crap. The matte black leather accents in the side straps and handle attachments provide just enough juxtaposition to the rows of studs to tone down the look a bit and make it wearable every day. Quite possibly my favorite fall bag thus far; too bad it’s so expensive. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2430.

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  • ztainthecity

    i love it! Leighton Meester was seen carrying it the other day on the Gossip Girl set. It’s very cute! A little pricey I think though because it is more of a trendy bag in my opinion.

  • chirpy_gal

    mmmmm….. nice :)

  • Raina


  • Jane H.

    Creeps me out…but that’s just me :P

  • Merve

    Its lovely but again Bally has gonna psycho with their prices. I mean whoever grew up in London knows Bally as the brand that your grandma used to buy shoes from so when i see them charging 2.5k for a bag im like get outta here!!!

  • Well, in all fairness, LVR prices include shipping to the US and import fees. I think the VAT would be refunded after you receive the bag, so it’s actually less.

  • Mandy

    It’s a really interesting bag, but looks SO heavy. A bit too trendy for the price, IMO. Nice to see Bally designing more interesting bags, though. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Emma

    This is such a gorgeous bag! But it’s way too expensive. Leighton Meester looks great with it. I wish I had her bank account, so I could buy it.