Alexander McQueen Bubble Tote

Nothing about this bag does it for me, starting with the hardware. Actually, the hardware is what makes the bag go from whatever to tacky. And the worst part of the hardware on this handbag is where it meets the handles. It all looks and feels so wrong to me on the Alexander McQueen Bubble Tote. And it does not matter to me that this bag waltzed down the runway, the price tag and the look are not meeting my fancy at all. And really, it is hard to make a black bag tacky, but this bag to me is overly ornate and gaudy. Too much going on with the silver charms and front pockets and buckles. All in all, I give it two thumbs down. Oh, and the price really puts it in a different league, making me wonder if those of you look at it and tolerate it will not be sent into disgust after seeing the tag. Buy through Net A Porter for $$2,680.

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  • Ellez

    Ick!! I used to see middle schoolers walking down the hall with a very similar bag they bought at Hot Topic. I’m not knocking the store but even if darker/rocker/edgier was my preference I would never pay that much for that bag.

  • LOL!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. Tacky, overdone and just plain bad.

  • green_kero

    The hardware makes it like cheap bag.

  • Christine

    Looks like a Kathy Van Zeeland knockoff… yuck.

  • Tiquidam

    Kathy Van Zeeland definitely has tacky WAYY WORSE than this bag. This is a more refined kind of tack from AlexMac and there is nothing wrong with goth/gothic if and when done correctly.

    I would offer the following solution: change the hardware to gold, DEFINITELY MINUS the chain & the rings around the front pocket, put the charms on side pockets (bc that soldier is too cute, I really like him) and VOILA! It maaayy even look halfway decent.


  • Julie

    I agree…it’s not cute and definitely not worth 2G’s!

  • lipvixen

    Goth/vampire/biker chick who happends to be a doctor. Ghostrider anyone?! Interesting enough that I would buy it if it costs under %400 but this is too expensive for a fetish bag.

  • Alyssa

    Looks like Brighton! Gosh that’s awful.

    • Sarah

      Actually, that is what I thought too!!! But it does not have Brighton price :!:

    • I thought so too… Not good.

    • dela

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • william

    The hardware does stand out more than I would like, but I still like it. The shape is roomy and larger than most hand held bags but still very feminine. I also adore the partially covered metal handles. It’s certainly fit for someone who has classic taste with an eccentric twist, such as Daphne Guiness, who is very fond of McQueen.

  • Anita

    Anyone that would carry this bag probably couldn’t afford it.

    • lipvixen

      Exactly! Unless she owned Harley Davidson, the corporation.

  • wongy74

    This bag is truly awful. I can’t see why anyone would want to wear this!

  • I think it looks great – black n roomy – but I do agree it doesn’t look like it’s worth 2Gs.

  • Graciella

    I loved McQueen’s Novak (I have 2 :roll: ), but this needs to grow on me. I quite like the shape and the leather looks very bubbly and yummy, but I have to agree the hardware is awful. If there would be less hardware, and just simple and square hardware, I’d go for this bag-that means I’d wait for it to go on sale, because it is seriously overpriced. Too bad really, the Novak is just classic and great value for money.

  • Cadence

    I don’t think it’s the hardware on this bag that bothers me. I appreciate the sort of celtic influences it has. But I do think that the combination of the busy pattern on the leather and the busy pattern on the hardware clashes….so I am sort of MEH over this bag. I like the shape…like the hardware…not sure about the leather and matte black.

  • Kendra

    The leather looks..well..big. Not exactly the right match. (fb)

  • Monica chuko

    Hi do u want sell the alexander McQueen bubble tote please let me know