Tods Pockets D Bag Piccola
Tod’s Pockets D-Bag Piccola

Everything is going to be a tad slower around here for the next two weeks. Vlad and I are currently and finally (officially) moving from Ohio to Florida. The amount of ‘stuff’ that has piled up over the years is disgusting. Really, you should purge your closet, it feels good! The one thing I could not purge was any of my handbags. I came across a VERY old Coach handbags (in fact my first ever) and I can not part with that little bugger no matter what! As I looked at many of my bags, I noticed some wear and tear. I do treat my bags well, but they are meant to be worn. Wearing a bag will undoubtedly give it signs of aging. And sure, the Prada Nylon Bags can be overpriced, but boy do they hold up! I have my college messenger bag from Prada still and it is in perfect shape. So I decided I would love a nylon bag that is still easy to clean but brings a little more style along with it, just as the Tod’s Pockets D-Bag Piccola bag does. While this bag is available in ruby red or black nylon, I would totally opt for the red which packs a little punch. There are double shoulder straps and side leather pulls with three exterior pockets. This bag is the sister to the Tod’s Roxy which Cameron Diaz loves. The dimensions of this bag are large, don’t let them fool you, measuring 14½”W X 12″H X 5″D. If you had a small child or two, this would work to tote their essentials around in for the day. Though if your family is larger and your kids are as needy as I was, you may need a bigger bag. Buy through Saks for $875.

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  • karry kasim

    love it!

  • Deanna Belli

    Hmmm…thought provoking. I, like many others, save our hard earned dollars for a handbag made from something more substantial, like leather. I always breeze by the nylon ones, but now you have me thinking! I had never considered the practicality of a nylon bag. Do they really “clean up” well? There are places I wouldn’t dream of taking a nice bag, but if I knew it could handle a little of the rough stuff (i.e. book bag, crammed in a suitcase, camping, etc) I might not walk by next time. Anyone have any experiences they would like to share?

    • Miranda

      You might want to try the Hogan Small Ruched Nylon Hobo. So far it’s worn extremely well. Not huge–about 11″ X 9 or 10″ by 5″ deep. It has some studding along the leather sides that give it a classy, biker-girl look (!!!). Leather strap. Made very well. Was available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s on sale (from $625–down to half that and lower). I hope this info. is helpful.

  • wgs

    i have the Tods nylon messenger (formerly called the “roxy”). I took it on a trip to Cancun–went out to sea on a boat-had to hook the bag up to the net above and crammed with other people’s bags-while we all snorkeled. Needless to say, my bag got beat up after my trip. It inevitably got stained with dirt and suntan lotion. The straps got sticky and compressed due to the humidity. I was not able to clean the lotion/dirt off of the bag. (believe me, i tried) I’d say it is still in decent shape but beat up. If your intent is to use the bag for camping, excursions etc, I’d opt for a cheap bag cuz spending $800 for a bag you will eventually beat up due to wear and tear is not worth it. For my next trip, I bought a cheap $10 old navy courderoy bag and i won’t care if it gets ruined. I’ll be keeping the tods at home. :lol:

  • jnh14

    This reminds me a bunch of the Belen Echandia “Love Me” bag! :shock:

  • mette

    i don´t like the color nor the design of this red one. Nylon or whatever-ugh!

  • Monica, Paris area

    I like this Tods bag but would not pay this price for nylon. The current rage in France among the high school (Lycee) girls and probably every grown woman has one too, is carrying the large Longchamp folding bag (pliant). The kids use it for books, as well as a purse, and as a fashion statement. The colors of choice are gray, black, brown and tan. These bags run about 100.00 euros or less depending on the size, so are affordable and extremely sturdy. I gave my old black one to my daughter and where it was a bit worn on the corners I took a match to it because it’s nylon so the flame just seals up the worn bit.The best bylon bags I have seen here for style and originality are actually Eastpack! They came out with a ton of new prints last fall and I see lots of kids, teenagers and moms wearing them around as messenger bags & backpacks of all sizes. They are guaranteed for 30 years by Eastpack. Some other cute brands are Bensimmon, Le Sports Sac and Lancel nylon bags. Speaking of Lancel, probably a not very well known brand in the USA, but a classic entry-level luxory band here in Francewith a great store at the top of the Champs Elysee. I bought one of my best bags ever there this Winter. Its called the Premier Flirt and is so functional and stylish in Croc embossed black leather. At 580.00 euros its not cheap but can be worn over the body or as a shoulder bag or as a hand held lady-like bag. The reason I mention it is that in the Paris area the majority of the women seem to be wearing over the body leather styles for getting around everyday, nylon styles for the weight issue, and usually not high-end designers but middle of the road, so under 500.00 euros.

  • Sheila

    Congratulations on you move to Florida! I also live in OH and have plans to move to warmer climate one day. I love purses and I love your site.

    Take care and good luck with your move.

  • Allie

    Im not too big a fan of nylon. Classic nylon pradas and inexpensive longchamps are enough for me. Im not really liking the combination of this fabric and the bright red color. Maybe this bag in black nylon would interest me more but it doesnt seem to be anything special.

  • Marcia Larkin

    I have this red Tod nylon bag and I love it, it is my everyday bag right now. It is so light and perfect for traveling – I use it on the plane and keep a lip balm in one of the outside zip pockets. I also get lots of compliments on it, the red attracks attention.

    I have a lot of old nylon Prada bags which I clean myself. I had a beige which I loved and when it got dirty I scrubbed it with soft scrub and it came out well enough to keep using it. I was going to have to throw it away so I had nothing to lose. You have to stuff the bag with towels when cleaning and then rinse off the soft scrub. Try it on the bottom of your bag first. The black bags are very easy to clean. Someome who sold handbags told me about cleaning.