Tods Pockets D Bag Piccola
Tod’s Pockets D-Bag Piccola

Everything is going to be a tad slower around here for the next two weeks. Vlad and I are currently and finally (officially) moving from Ohio to Florida. The amount of ‘stuff’ that has piled up over the years is disgusting. Really, you should purge your closet, it feels good! The one thing I could not purge was any of my handbags. I came across a VERY old Coach handbags (in fact my first ever) and I can not part with that little bugger no matter what! As I looked at many of my bags, I noticed some wear and tear. I do treat my bags well, but they are meant to be worn. Wearing a bag will undoubtedly give it signs of aging. And sure, the Prada Nylon Bags can be overpriced, but boy do they hold up! I have my college messenger bag from Prada still and it is in perfect shape. So I decided I would love a nylon bag that is still easy to clean but brings a little more style along with it, just as the Tod’s Pockets D-Bag Piccola bag does. While this bag is available in ruby red or black nylon, I would totally opt for the red which packs a little punch. There are double shoulder straps and side leather pulls with three exterior pockets. This bag is the sister to the Tod’s Roxy which Cameron Diaz loves. The dimensions of this bag are large, don’t let them fool you, measuring 14½”W X 12″H X 5″D. If you had a small child or two, this would work to tote their essentials around in for the day. Though if your family is larger and your kids are as needy as I was, you may need a bigger bag. Buy through Saks for $875.

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