We were recently asked what bag we would buy if we had $1500. For some reason, this question was hard for me. I knew that the bag would need to be a staple. Nothing too trendy or seasonal, something that will last for ages. This is a bit trickier than I anticipated, but I know a perfect $1500 option.

Tod’s handbags have this timeless allure about them. And one of the all time favorites is the Media bag. The lily pebble grained leather with a subtle sheen is a simple masterpiece on the Tods New Restyling D Bag Media. Nothing over the top, even some of you may find the bag too simple, but it is just right. It is a shape and style that will last for seasons and years to come. This is a safe option. It is not super memorable, but it is beautiful. There is polished silver hardware and rolled leather shoulder straps. I would love to see a snap closure at the top, but this is just open. The inside offers compartments for organization, including two leather trimmed zip pockets. Dimensions are 15.75″x 11″x 5.5″. Buy through eLuxury just under $1500.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Cindy

    Love the color, but I’m on a purple kick right now.

  • kinha


  • JackieJ

    My parents went to Italy this past sumer and brought me a purple FURLA bag. One of their designers was in store and said purple was going to be the hottest color for fall. I was hesitant at first to use it because of the color, but now I see sooo many bags that are all different shades of violet.

  • lauren

    totally love purple and even though most tod’s bags are a little dull, I would totally add this one. and purple is always a great color on a bag

  • MizzJ

    Simple and classic, can’t beat that. Though it isn’t as recognizable as say, a LV speedy, this bag is definitely worth it at least for the snobby luxe factor lol.

  • daisyjane

    It’s a pretty purple, but I’d get sick of it after a week. It’s kind of an overall yawn…

  • mette

    This bag doesn´t get me excited (Megs,that alligator Ferrogamo still haunts me and I find it affecting my opinion on other bags). The color of this one is ok, but I don´t like the stitching and the way the handles are placed. All in all, this bag is boring.

  • kenny

    Nice bag but not in purple…….

  • Claire

    I think purple is a trend, not a timeless color.

  • terri

    I love the Tods D Bag!!!! Classic and beautiful!!!

  • garbo_bleu

    Love the Lily color, but i prefer the Geranium. It’s a bit classic, but still has some zing to it.

  • Peter

    I think you all are spending way too much money on a stupid purse. Put your rediculous amounts of money to better use..like feeding the poor and hungry in this world…Try it..it feels good.

  • d_deleon

    Love the style not the color. When I think of a Tod’s bag, I think timeless and classic. I don’t believe this color will last…
    Don’t get me wrong, I like to have a few flashy pieces but Tod’s is a classic brand so you should stick with the classic colors (some who might call it boring…but I think is timeless.) *just my thoughts*

  • Eva_H

    My new boyfriend took my to Neiman Marcus a week ago and bought me this very bag – but in a camel hue. It’s beautiful, I absolutely love it!! I chose it over all the Louis Vs and Chanel bags because it IS SO classic and timeless. There are too many fake handbags out there – but you never see a fake Tod’s.

  • Adrienne zedella

    nice bag! loveit fb