Tods G-Bag Bauletto Piccolo Satchel Saks has a section on their site that tells you the best sellers in handbags and shoes for the previous week. They do this for most of their categories. Almost always the Tory Burch Reva Ballet flats are on the list along with a slew of handbags that are typically predictable and many times a bit boring. But today I saw a new bag on the best sellers last week list and rather than being bored by it I actually really am not fond of it.

Typically I praise Tods bags for their simplicity and elegance, but sometimes they miss it. And with the Tods G-Bag Bauletto Piccolo Satchel I just can’t find myself liking it. I will first say that I am not always fond of patent/coated leather. I prefer smooshy leather to patent/coated, as patent leather many times feels rubbery and looks too glossy. There are some designers who perfect patent leather on a handbag, but I much prefer it on a shoe. So back to this bag. The color is dramatic, sure, but I am picky about red handbags. In fact, I don’t own a red handbag. I own off-shoots of red, cranberry and wine shades, but not red. And having red patent is that much more in your face. The contrast leather trim sets this bag off more for me. It contrasts too much, looks harsh and over-the-top. The shape of the bag is cute enough, much like a bowler but it has adjustable double handles. There is an optional adjustable shoulder strap. I know many people could pull this off, but I simply am not under the guise that I am one of them. I just figured it out, this bag reminds me of a candied apple. What do you think about this Tods bag: A hit or a miss? Buy through Saks for $850.

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  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    I think this bag is a miss. While I can imagine some other brands pulling off red patent leather bags, I did not see it coming from Tod’s. Where is the simplicity and the elegance? The actual shape of the bag and the buckle on the handle would have been great but the leather takes away so much from it. In review, I think this bag could be perfect for someone who is looking for a snazzy bag, but not my cup of tea.

  • Beth

    Sorry girls, I think this bag is cute! Who cares whether it comes from Tod’s or anywhere else? I like the contrast of the brown leather and the red patent. It doesn’t look like a summery red to me. I can imagine this being carried beautifully in the fall. The shape and lines are very nicely balanced. I think the handles are crafted in proportion to the rounded base of the bag, and I like the touch of the leather and hardware on the sides. I vote HIT!

  • Thistle

    The colors and shine make it look like a Tano.

  • Anabelle

    I am a HUGE fan of red/red leather/red suede/red patent bags (proud owner of Furla Clara, Valentino Histoire and a vintage YSL clutch), and generally my heart skips a beat at a red handbag before I even truly take a look at it (lusting after Fendi extra large red baguette, patent or not), but this is just plain hideous. It looks like one of those plastic bowlers you get at Bakers Shoes. The contrast trim is completely off. The whole bag is a total miss.

  • dierregi

    It is not patent leather, it is coated canvas. I own a G-bag (large) in light green and it is very light and super practical. On the whole I am a huge fan of G-bags.

    As far as this one is concerned, I think it would be too small for me and maybe a bit too flashy, but I should see it IRL. Anyway, although I do not dislike it (red is one of my favourite colors), I am not sure I’d buy it – I already own a red bag and rarely use it….

  • Julie

    I really like it. Like the colour, shape, contrasting leather etc etc. OK, I am a big Tod’s fan but I am surprised about the negative comments.

  • wgs

    as much as i love tods, i am not fond of this either. it’s drab, unfortunately.

  • Mandy

    I am eternally searching for the perfect red bag, and unfortunately this is not it. It’s a miss for me. Don’t care for red patent, and I do not like the brown trim against the red. It is a bit candy apple-ish! I do like the shape of the bag, though. I think the shape is bowler done right.


    looks cheap!

  • Julie

    Again, red is not really my color but I like the style. I now buy all my bags from I love them!

  • Simona

    I like that red color handbag, I saw a similar bag at and they seems to be same or may be slightly different.

  • Adrienne zedella

    NAH!! fb

  • Ellen

    I don’t like this bag much. I think that it looks cheap actually. (ipad)