Be still my beating heart, be still.

Ok, now that I’ve calmed down a bit, it is no secret that here are PurseBlog, we are fans of Tod’s handbags. I for one continue to fall in love with Tod’s bags almost every single time I see one. And while I *should* be able to show some restraint, I always have to take a deep breath before I walk into a Tod’s store. Why you ask? Well, because I need to show composure so I don’t simply whip out my credit card and do some damage, like, some serious damage. Whether I am in a store or simply doing some online shopping, I am about to whip out my credit card for this bag.

The Tod’s D-Styling Baulette Medio does not disappoint. The downright gorgeous red leather caught my attention and for all the right reasons. In typical D-line fashion, the double top handles are sturdy and fabulous. There is a long messenger strap which would add to the the flow of the bag. I can see myself carrying this bag in hand while the messenger strap drapes down a bit simply garnering more positive attention. The handcrafted center stream breaks up the loose shape of the bag and brings just a hint of structure, but not too much structure. I rarely stop and think about my need for a red handbag in my collection, this is one I would welcome with open arms and would carry for years to come. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1445.

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  • Linda

    I tried this bag on IRL but did not buy it due to the handles being 2 inches too short. I would have preferred a longer handle so that one has the option of wearing it on their shoulders when getting tired. Other than that, the bag is stunning, the leather divine. Reminiscent of Valextra!

  • Tina Phan

    I love Tod’s, I do not like this bag though. It’s so plain jane and not even worth the money paid. Skip it. come visit me at and tell me what you think!

  • birkel

    love it lovew it loveit so my style under the radar perfection i hate flashy pieces and this well i just again i love it

  • Melissa T.

    It is a beautiful classic bag! Love it!

  • Janet

    I agree with Tina. The bag is too plain for me. I prefer their G-bags!

  • cynthia

    I have the biscuit bag and LOVE IT. Love the leather–Love the look–love the bag love the bag

  • Helen

    I just bought this bag and it is gorgeous! Yes, it is a simple style…but the color is what really makes it stand out.

  • Elyse

    This bag looks incredible – and I love the color of the leather. (fb)

  • Eric

    i saw this bag in light brown from a magazine, i thought it was an investment and will go long way with casual or formal wear, i really cannot afford it, if i do have the budget i will certainly buy this-(fb)

  • Adrienne zedella

    nice bag fb

  • Phyllis

    Love this bag, but agree w/ Linda. Straps just a 2 or 3 inches too short. I like to stick my bag over my shoulder. Forget about the messenger strap.

    LOVE the simplicity and the color. Longer straps, and I would most def. purchase.

  • Cathy V-Librawanto

    Two days ago me and friend went to Tod’s store, my friend fell in love with the other D-styling bag, Tod’s D-styling Bauletto Zip Piccolo.. Me? I don’t really like the shape of the bag. And I don’t really see the bags. Then, yesterday we went back to the store, my friend bought that bag. At that time, I saw this Tod’s D-Styling Baulette Medio in clay color, and..Oh my, I love this bag! I love the shape and simplicity and I love to feel the soft of the leather.

  • linnache


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  • Tracey G

    Lovet the bag but not loving the color (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love this bag..such a classic (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    great bag for work—such a classic piece (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Beautiful bag! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    such a classic bag (ipad)

  • Maxie

    Just saw this bag in Saks in beige with a soft hue of rose and fell madly in love. It’s gorgeous IRL had to have it!….I got it in the larger size.

  • Raphaela

    I just bought this bag a couple of weeks ago. I got it in yellow from Tod’s Spring 2011 collection. Absolutely love it!!! Can’t stop staring at it as it sits on top of my dresser. Can’t stop touching the amazingly rich and soft leather. Very functional for work purposes and it looks great with casual outfits as well. The handles are at the right length for me. I usually carry the bag on my shoulder or arm without the long straps.

  • gail

    LOVE this bag.. Just bought it in taupe in the large size! can’t keep my hands off the leather..just yummy, so classic and elegant yet young

    • farah

      Just bought this bag in this colour……LOVE it !!
      Such a gorgeous colour…makes me feel great !!

  • Lina

    Love at first sight @ Tod’s south coast, and bought it in heather grey,
    took my breath away.