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  • et

    i feel like this is one of the first times I’ve recently seen a “the many bags of…” or “what’s in their bag…” feature that showcases women in the fashion world over size 8. i especially love that it’s integrated – women of a diverse(ish) range of sizes share the common theme of working for racked.com and looking great while doing it. this is another area (along w more POC) that PB can look to diversify its content.

    laura, chavie, and brittany – you all look AMAZING. my mouth dropped open when i saw brittany’s pic – what a presence. i appreciate that they were involved in this shoot.

    • oui

      and everyone has great and unique penmanship :) I love.

    • I’m plus size and have been all my life, so showing many different body types (and not just models and plus, but the huge number of women in between) in fashion coverage is something I care about a lot. It’s something we all think about here!

  • kindled

    I think Chavie’s last question is wrong?

    • Vlad Dusil

      It’s been fixed, thank you!

  • Love this post! Stylish women and a diverse selection of bags. Loving the Sandqvist tote

  • Kendra Scholl

    When you consider buying a chic purse or handbag, can go for one of those above. If you don’t like these models, there are always solutions. A few can be found on my daily fashion blog which I manage while staying home with my little children – http://www.missfashiondeals.com/accessories

  • Queen Cheap

    Go ladies! This is definitely my favorite “what they wear to work” spin off. I second what ET says, it’s so nice to see women of all shapes featured in this article. So many times the “what they wear to work” articles feature women who are so model skinny that I am distracted and wondering if there’s a discrimination lawsuit in the works? Maybe Lilly Pulitzer’s office will answer that one ;-) Fantastic piece and great bags!

  • FashionableLena

    One of my favorites. It’s nice to see women that work in fashion and not carry multi thousand dollar, luxury handbags. I’m surprised at all of the Madewell being represented.

  • Sarah

    You gals are killing it with the content lately! I want to be friends with the entire Racked team now!