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  • AshleyG

    OHHHMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I just died before I could read the post. Read the title and fell in my bootleg Louis Vuitton print coffin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I knew you especially would love this, you’ve been looking for it and asking for a while!!!!

  • Mya Wilkes

    OMG! i have died and gone to bag heaven. Megs you’re killing me men, can’t bloody wait for part 2 and 3 how ever many more, lol. The Boy bags and Bottega clutches are my favourite. The yellow nano is lovely too. You and Vlad make such a cute couple!

  • Mdaf

    You have such a great taste! Thank you for sharing your collection.

    • Thank you! Happy I could share :)

      • LizzieHollowaybot

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  • Megs, you have such a great collection of bags! I can’t wait to see part two. My favourite was the LV Watercolour Speedy and also the grey (“dirty”) Chanel Boy Bag.

    Iram @ Lovestruck for Louboutins

  • Aly

    Why no Givenchy or Fendi?

    • I didn’t share everything – but I don’t have a Givenchy bag (I do have a couple Fendi bags I’ll share in the next installment). I am trying to figure out the Antigona I want still!

      • Aly

        I have the small Antigona in navy blue and absolutely LOVE it! I highly recommend! :) You have an amazing collection none the less!

  • pe.riche.

    Best. Post. Ever!!!

  • PJGambler

    Beautiful collection!

  • Jen

    Megs, what a great collection! I particularly loved how you styled everything for the seasons and getting a sneak peek into your life. Vlad is also a man of style. ;-)

    • Thanks! I am excited to share more of my bags – also, this makes me want new bags lol

  • Maice

    AMAZING collection! It’s not just the bags though… the pictures are beautiful too. Very tasteful and creative. Thanks for sharing! Part 2 and part 3 (maybe more?) soon, please :)

  • Abbi

    OMG Megs your comment about the acting like a Kardashian had me in stiches!

    Amazing collection, been dying to see this! And your Bal makes a perfect beach bag!

    • When I wrote the first comment I was thinking, who carries a Knot Clutch during the day other than the Kardashians. Then I found the pic of me, during the day, and I decided I should call myself out! Haha

  • Jennifer

    Love this!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Brandy Robinson

    Your collection is the one I have been waiting for!!! Can’t wait for part 2:)

  • Justina

    Great post, one of my fav so far. So great to see some of your stuff.

  • fashion.foward

    you do not have any idea how much I envy you over the discount on the croc PS1 bag…..

    • Yep, that one will be infamous for me and so many others that know the story! Ha

  • seres

    Perfectly edited collection. Kudos!

  • Sonia

    Megs, I so envy your taste and colorful collection of handbags. My favorites are the classically styled ones. So want a couple of them for my very own! Cannot wait to see what else you have.

  • moneytruck

    I really appreciate your varied taste in designers and types of bags. I also love that you don’t always chase the “it bags”. You appreciate and purchase the bags for both the quality and design. I can definitely understand why each and every one of them are special in their own way. This is by FAR the best collection post I have seen. RESPECT!

    • Thank you so much, really happy you like it!

      I do try to pick bags that I love not just bags that are popular at the moment. Sometimes the two crossover, sometimes not :)

  • corrid

    I got all excited when I saw this email and misread it as “The Many Bags of Men” but the short term disappointment aside, this is a great collection, but why no Goyard? I love love love my Ambassade in dark blue

    • Haha! That made me laugh! We should totally do a roundup of great bags on men.

      More to come still, but I don’t have a Goyard bag – been wanting one though!

  • Oh geez your pale yellow Python Row bag just kills me. What do you think of their new collection with the sling bags and long fringe clutches? More bohemian and Mary Kate-like I’d say.

  • fawzana

    i am bag envy with you. i love your tryptique, trio n watercolor speedy. plus, they are all discontinued, sobssss

  • melissatrv

    I squealed when I saw the email as I have wanted to see your handbag collection for some time! Impossible to pick a favorite, but I am really liking the Celine Triptyque, the leather on that looks absolutely pettable. Love the detail on the Ferragamo Fiamma, hope to one day add one of these to my bag closet. And the Watercolor Speedy is simply a bag to covet. Did Vlad take the photos? They all came out lovely. Where was the photo in slide 16 taken if you don’t mind me asking. Bermuda?

  • mintkleaves

    Thanks for sharing Megs. Love love love all your bags! :)

  • ff

    I never comment, but I have been lurking this blog for a long time, and this post just made me so excited!!! I’m glad we can finally see your bags :) Can’t wait for the next part(s)! :)

    PS thank you so much for all the great content!

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs absolutely loved the post and what a lovely collection! You also seem to take great care of your bags! Is the gucci crossover bag red or fuschia? Celine should bring back the Triptyque!

    Thank you!

  • ElainePG

    You have an amazingly well-curated collection, Megs. And I must also compliment Vlad (yet again) for his outstanding photography. Slide 8, with the orange tree out-of-focus in the background… mmmmmmwah! The two of you are the perfect team!
    Oh, and you and I are bag “cousins”! My Bal Town is Anthracite with rose gold giant hardware. You must have gotten yours a while ago (as did I), because Balengiaca no longer makes rose gold hardware, more’s the pity.

  • Jacqueline

    I love that while you clearly put quite a bit of money towards your bag collection that it’s not all birkins/kellys/rockstuds a la the instagram celebrities featured on PB. This variation is totally how I would go about buying bags if I was ever rich enough to own a decently sized designer bag collection and not just birkin-in-every-colour-with-matching-CDC-cuff

  • Is it any surprise my fav ones from your list are the Chanel bags (esp the “dirty” Boy!)? but my secret fav is that plum ostrich BV clutch–beyond beautiful!

  • Many thanks for sharing your fab collection. Photos are beautiful and I loved your comments for each photo! :) Can’t wait for part 2 and part 3

  • Marni

    I love the Celine Triptyque. I’ve never seen it before, but it’s so gorgeous ? I’d love it if Purseblog would mension these less known versions and less known brands more ! And btw, amazing collection ;)

  • chris

    And my friend LBracknell phones today to wish me Happy Handbag Day then sobs and tells me “Oh so many bags I own, one bought for every occasion – except this one, found. A decade or a few days ago? I find it hard to recall. My brain plays many tricks as I rummage about its capaciousness in search of memories. But this much is vivid: a young woman called Cicily, fresh as daisies and cream, saucy as plums and chillis, her story suffusing me with shame and arousal, found in an elegant black and white tote bag I found in my carriage and intended really i did to take to Lost Property. Peeped inside in search of identification and found a manuscript, stack of typed A4 in a brown padded envelope. The expression I believe is it blew my mind I fear till Cicily and I blurred and she and I were hysterical one. Stuffed the memory away like the pages into the dark of the bag and snapped it shut. Oh my. Hid in the back of my wardrobe, sinful, dangerous, nearly delicious

    “At nights I dream of the maws of that handbag reopening wake sweaty and burbling. And keep snapped tight mostly. Till this national handbag day when Earnest astounds me with rumours of an author. Bags and bags of emotion erupting. Good lord. What do we keep in this dark locked space so close at hand, so easy to hide things in so speedy to reach into and reveal?”

    What’s locked up in yours?

  • cat1967

    Amazing collections Megs. Can’t wait for Part 2. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • chris

    Megs? Cecily? Cicily? So many names so many handbags – o happy day! Yes – thanks for sharing!


    You have excellent taste Megs! Can’t tell you what one I like best. Love those cute chanel slip ons though and the crocodile Proenza Schouler bag.

  • chris

    Died and gone to bag heaven? OMG, how I long to go there -and perhaps meet sweet Cecily there n all!

  • Maria28

    Beautiful! It’s certainly grown & evolved since I first explored purse blog/purse forum all those years ago in 2006 :)…. Thanks for sharing!

  • missarewa

    WOW! I love all of them, particularly the Gucci bamboo tote, the knot clutches and the lesser know Celine. thanks for sharing!

  • Faiza

    Great collection Megs. But if you don’t mid me asking was the white chanel boy bag stain a color transfer from denim? Or is that the design?

    • The stain is how the bag came – it is meant to look a little worn but also has a metallic finish, I think it’s stunning – some people think it looks dirty whenever I share it

  • Suzanne

    Danggggg, gurl u fancy… This post made me so jealous/I want to be you when I grow up. Couple of questions: Why no Goyard? Why do you love the Gucci Disco so much?
    Couple of statements: I am most jealous of your The Row… WOW it is amazing. And: you know you’ve made it when you can waste that much money on a bag bug. :D

  • Elisa

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your collection! Thanks Megs for the real-real-deal :)

  • Bridget

    Beautiful collection, Megs! I cant wait to see the second part. Question, do you ever buy bags pre-loved? Thank you!

  • Emi

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading this article. Perfect read on National handbag day :)

  • kalynn

    Absolutely stunning collection! Can’t wait for the rest! Your taste is impeccable!!!

  • Smooth Caramel

    finally! i love the off white/grey boy bag. such a unique color!

  • Your bag collection is to die for! I knew it already :D but seeing them all together is just great. And this is just pt. 1. Ahhh can’t wait to see more!

  • Venessa

    Absolutely in love with your collection and can’t wait to see the rest. Love the variety and all the different colors!! I would love to spend a day, no a week in your closet!

  • Rhonda

    I have been in pursuit of the best Chanel boy bag and I believe that the pink one is best for me. Thanks for sharing…now I’m off to find one.

  • coco

    Hi Meg! Your collection is great :) May I ask what Chanel boy bag slide #18 is? Is it still available anywhere?

  • LBracknell

    I have offered any handbag I desire in exchange for the manuscript of an unpublished erotic novel. What handbag should I demand? And is there a favourite book you would refuse to exchange for a new handbag? Please advise.
    (Still recovering from the thrillllll of National Handbag Day. Can’t wait for next years’!!!)

  • Sandy

    i swore to myself that i will never ever get a monogram bag….but that watercolour LV…is just…so….

  • butterlite

    Must be so nice! So jealous here. I would love to have handbag companies send me purses too! I remember when Coach sent you that beautiful Borough bag….drool drool drool. Your bags are to die for!

  • Kate

    Very nice! Can’t wait for Part 2! :)

  • Ana

    What a great collection! But I would expect nothing less. :) All the pictures came out very well.

  • Halim Amin

    Do you actually intellectually chose these bags. I love them but they are too thought out. What about a stephen sprouse speedy next, a che che hello kitty sequin purse and and anya hindmarch tony the tiger purse! Just saying…..

  • Kathy Dowdle

    I like all of the bags! I love the Celine Triptyque, the hot pink suede Proenza Schouler, and especially the “dirty” Chanel Boy Bag!

  • LC

    Celine Triptyque and Bottega Veneta Special Order Knot Clutches are my favs!

  • uncertain

    I’m really late to the party but YOUR BAGS ARE AMAZZZZING

  • Joana Richard

    Best Post Ever!!!! I love to see your bags :)