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  • Amunet

    I would think this charging capability would make the bag heavier? My bag is heavy enough as it is ;)

  • ElainePG

    Do the designs spark my interest? Not even a little bit. Do I want a bag that will charge my phone? Not really. This is just a gimmick, and one that doesn’t make any logical sense. I mean, really… if I have to remember to charge the BAG the night before, why wouldn’t I simply charge my PHONE instead?

  • kindled

    In comparison to other charging bags or pouches I’ve seen, these are pretty good, but seems like it’s pretty easy to buy a portable charger which is tiny and can travel between bags. Also, I have a Samsung Galaxy, so an iPhone one is no help to me!

    • hikarupanda

      “Buy a portable charger which is tiny and can travel between bags.” Agree agree agree! This is indeed stupid!

  • Sandy

    No, I do not want my bag to charge my phone. Is this really a big issue, plug your phone in while you sleep.

  • cbl

    this is stupid

  • AshleyG

    The only item that I would even consider- that even makes sense, is the wristlet… as someone already perfectly said, this is stupid.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Bad Idea. Carrying batteries on or close to your body is not healthy. My Father used a first generation cell phone in the 80’s and about 15 years laters he developed a rare form of virulent cancer in his cheek bone! Thank G-d it was caught early and he is still with us. Of course today batteries are much smaller, but why take the chance? Just charge your phone at night and recharge as needed, don’t walk around with a charging station hanging off your butt or hips or what ever! Besides these bags also need to be charged! So if you’re the kind that forgets to charge your phone, you think your going to remember to charge your bag??

  • Sara

    This takes the fun out of swapping bags every few days. I’ll be burdened by another “thing” I have to charge – phone, laptop, Dyson vacuum cleaner and lady shaver are enough already!

  • Nor Kam

    I may get the pouch for the fun of it and then put that in a bag of my choice.

  • Jess

    Nah I think it takes away a lot of potential a bag could have. Just be organised and charge your phone at work, home and in the car.

  • Sparky

    Not interested because I have to charge the bag FIRST. Defeats the purpose.
    I’ll just continue to do what i do now: carry the charger.

  • oui

    I used to carry a powerbank, but it’s huge and clunky. Nowadays, with charging plug heads being USB ready, i can carry a wall charge plug with one short cable (from my polaroid cube, srsly it’s like hella short) and several interchangeable heads. They’re not as weighty as a powerbank and they all fit in a coin purse or a thick gusset card case. But I guess it also helps that mine is an EU socket.

    Also if I’m just in the city, there are walls with plugs everywhere. Unless I’m going hiking or somewhere with no walls.

    Like this one:

  • Tank Diaz

    What happens when I get the next model iPhone in a year and they have changed it’s charging pin again?? This is a terrible version of the mobile phone pocket being too small for modern phones. It is much easier to take a charger pack with you.

    • kemilia

      This! I’ve already learned not to spend a fortune on a phone case because there is a good chance that it won’t fit the next iPhone iteration.

  • Vicky

    The tote look nice and I like the pouch.

  • Dee

    At first I was in love with the idea of being able to charge my phone from just carrying a bag. But then once I got it I had to charge the bag over night. Then the bag itself is not light. I ordered the wrist let and it’s not small it’s big and bulky. This is maybe good for traveling when your phone is not in use but not for everyday. Let’s just say it’s been in the box since I purchased it.