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I am so thrilled that Kooba has decided to remake the Mandy Clutch for this season that I could practically wet myself. I missed the boat the first time around in black and red with gold hardware, and now the Mandy (never call me Mandy, by the way, I hate it!) has been reissued in slick black patent with shiny silver zippers. And if you know me, there are few things out there that I like more than patent leather and silver hardware. Put those things together on a clutch that I already liked in the first place, and you’ve got me drooling. Which is exactly what I’m doing right now – this clutch is the perfect size, the perfect shape, and the asymmetrical flap is the perfect touch.

Kooba Mandy Clutch

I know that I’ve opined previously that patent isn’t a spring fabric, and black certainly isn’t a spring color, so I have no idea why this is being released at this particular moment. I don’t really care, though. Sometimes a bag is hot enough to be released whenever the designers feel like it, and Kooba has such a winner on their hands here that the season is of little import. I’d carry this bag whenever I possibly could. Buy through ShopBop for $365.