While I didn’t get a Balenciaga Bag during the insane color and specific seasonal craze (early 2000s, remember that?!), I did go back and forth trying to find the right Balenciaga City for me. I finally decided on this modern classic, my Giant Anthracite Balenciaga City with rose gold hardware.

These bags developed a cult following and specific colors and years became highly coveted (check out our exclusive photos of 9 of the most sought after Balenciaga colors of all time). While my version wasn’t one of those rarities, it’s a classic bag perfect for the more laid back wearer. I’m a jeans and tee kinda gal, and this bag pairs ideally with my style. The leather is delicious (yes you can have delicious leather!) as it both looks and feels divine. I really loved the Giant hardware on BBags and the rose gold hardware gave just enough of a twist. While the City bag has lost some of its initial craze, it’s still a bag that fits well into any collection. Check out some Balenciaga City bags here.

Watch my video on my BBag now!

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