…as seen on Day One of New York Fashion Week, prior to the Chadwick Bell show.

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  • Awesome.  Great looking bags.  I love them.

  • Kidz_17

    Love the Hermes Lg. Birkin in Black Crocodile!!!!

  • Happy_kid00


  • Silversun

    God, this made me smile first thing in the morning. The one on the left is a man, right? NEAT.

    • Anonymous

      It was in fact as lady as well!

      • Silversun

        Oops! In my defence, she has rather masculine hands. :D

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        Or was it the practical shoes that made you think she was a man? Come on, be honest….

  • mlle p

    No recession going on there!  

  • apt

    whoa…bag porn at it’s finest.

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    O.O I.HAVE.DIED.AND.GONE.TO.HERMES.HEAVEN. But you know what when I first glimpsed the pic it was the PS1 that caught my 4 eyes

  • Olena Verzhytska

    Other than the wrinkly hands and old worn mens Prada shoes, the picture is awesome..
    It is nice to know that in a times of economical hardship 5 square feet can hold 320K in luggage, lol

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Gorgeous pic, I am in bag heaven!

  • AK.Sunbeams

    if i was a 6 years old wanting to play pretend i would say: I WANT TO BE THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE!!!!

    The ps1 looks the best here and from what i can see in this picture it seems to have been styled the best too…..

    but i know what y’all are thinking – a birkin’s a birkin (and a croc one at that) =P

  • Marie Martell