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  • missarewa

    girl please adopt me! AWESOME collection!

    • I mean YA, I want to be adopted to!

      • LeOrangeBliss

        Thank you :D You have a pretty amazing collection yourself Megs!!!

    • LeOrangeBliss

      Thank you :)

  • twoweeks

    fabulous collection, and then she uses papyrus as the font to tag them?

    • LeOrangeBliss

      Thank you! And yes I believe that font is papyrus…

  • Lily K

    It would be nice if PB featured instagrammers with actual style and taste (I quite like “4theloveofpancakes”) who own a nice variety of bags, rather than the same run of the mill heiresses and nouvou rich who buy up the rockstuds and birkins by the dozen in every color available, and who treat handbags as a broadcast of their status and conspicuous sign of wealth, as opposed to someone who genuinely appreciates and loves handbags.

    • Lily K

      Personally, I just find it rather tacky to do so. One or two birkins is fine, but I would much rather prefer the collection of someone who loves handbags and chooses and buys them for their craftsmanship and heritage, not to mention the wonderful designs and leathers!

    • andredre47

      I agree! When I looked at the PB homepage and saw yet another Instagram with pictures of ten colors of Rockstud pumps arranged in a circle, Hermes cuffs, and Birkins galore, I was disappointed. There has to be a wealthy lady out there who enjoys a wider range of high end designers than Hermes, Valentino, Chanel, and Celine and maybe even some contemporary brands.

      • Louch

        Agree w all of the above. I love PB but this is getting very tiresome seeing yet again OTT Hermes.

      • Do you have an Instagrammer in mind that you like? We follow so many people who have fabulous collections but I know there are countless more!

    • How do you know she doesn’t genuinely like the bags? Just because she has many doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate them.

      You are being judgmental.

      • Regina George

        And you’re being pretty hypocritical by being judgmental about her being judgmental (Which I’m being judgmental about, so it’s a judgmental paradox)

      • What an original observation Regina…I’m falling asleep already just responding to you.

      • Mya Wilkes

        Quite a daft comment I must say!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Ya’ll should quit whining and enjoy the beautiful goods in front of you, sheesh!

    • LeOrangeBliss

      Thank you Mya!

  • Bored of Hermes

    Agree ladies …. Over the hermes. The wealthy are not quite so creative are they. I do appreciate the quality of craftsmanship but am a tad over the birkins.

    • KathyBTurner


  • BrianG

    I do love the purple birkin though,kind of a rare color to see.


    • LeOrangeBliss

      Thank you, Ultraviolet is wonderful, I love how rich and deep and jewel toned it is <3

      • BrianG

        Totally agree :)

  • Love this girl’s IG. She is very dedicated to accessories!

    • LeOrangeBliss

      Thank you so much! Haahahahaa yes I am, I think it makes/completes an otherwise plain outfit.

      • Agreed! Keep it up, you brighten my IG’s day!

  • Guest

    Just goes to prove you can’t buy good taste.

  • LeOrangeBliss

    Dear PurseBlog, wow what a wonderful surprise and great honor to be featured on your site. Thank you so much!!!

    • LoisRStroble

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      • Regina George

        fuck off, skynet

  • thay

    so so gorgeous!! i love all of leorangebliss’ post on the purseforum as well!! a person doesn’t have to take the time to share there gorgeous things – it’s lovely to look at and just enjoy!! thanks so much purseblog and leorangebliss for giving sooo much beautiful eye candy!!

  • Halim Amin

    Sheesh the same stuff again and again. How about a Chanel addict next? Or someone who has stashed the Fendi spy by the dozen, a baguette fanatic would be nice. OR someone who totally bucks the trend with her loads of bag. Newness instagram stars!