Vera Bradley handbagSurprisingly I have never once talked about Vera Bradley. Never. I realized that just the other day and was a little shocked at myself. Not that Vera Bradley has always been my favorite, but it was definitely worth mentioning. I can’t decide what has deterred me from Vera Bradley bags so badly. It may have been the teenie-boppers who swore it was a trend and they could pull it off, or the college girls who carried it to seem like a sophisticated growing woman, or the mere fact that it is a quilted flowered bag that somewhat reminds me of my grandma. Somewhere in there Vera Bradley lost it’s appeal to me. But as the trend of the bag has slowly died down, I am not finally appreciating the bags more properly. I just love the feel of them. It’s the “hey I just got back from my ranch in the Hampton’s where I spent the weekend riding my prized horse, picking Lilly’s by the pond, and drinking tea.” I love that feel. I must admit I like to be a little sophisticated from time to time, and that feeling reminds me of good ole’ boarding school.

Between the amazing amounts of bags and variations I have found my liking with the simple shaped but totally practical Vera Bradley Villager bag in Bermuda Blue. I love the shape. I know totes are everywhere, but they are so super practical, I can not pass them up. The color chart is huge (about 21 colors to chose from) but the Bermuda Blue is touching my liking. The beauty of the light blue color mixed with the simple design of some green and white just makes me happy. The bag has everything you could wish for: a key clip, zip closure, a sturdy base, and three pockets outside and six inside for organization. The size is plenty big,16″L x 12 ½”H x 4″W. So why not learn to love Vera? One more reason to love her is the bag is a mere $69 through Vera Bradley.

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  • Looks like somesthing from Provence.

    • T Song

      Vera Bradley labels now say MADE IN CHINA…LOOK AT THE LABELS INSIDE. They used to say MADE IN USA.

      • E

        Yes, I just noticed on the bag I most recently purchased that is was Made in China. The quality has really suffered, and I will not buy any more.

      • Corinne

        I have experienced the not-as-great quality also. I had a citrus wallet, mesa red on the go and villager, recently that came new with sewing imperfections or major mistakes on them. However, I am still addicted! :!:

      • Mary G

        i have LOVED VB for the past 3 years having purchased many styles and fabrics. i was also proud to be buying AMERICAN, so imagine my frustration, dismay, disappointment when the latest model that I purchased as a gift had a MADE IN CHINA label. i am so upset, when did this happen???? and why???

      • Jamie

        It is true. Some of the bags are made in China now. I was at a store and looked at 2 backpacks in the same color- one was made in CHina, one the USA.

        I found a place called that sells Vera Bradley. If you call then using their 800-617-0087 phone number, they will gladly check and sell you a bag that is usa made if it is available. THere is no word on which items are made overseas- but I was able to get a USA made backpack they with free shipping.

        Best of luck.

      • laura Stuart

        I am so sorry to learn about the out sourcing of what I envisioned as a USA made product. When I e-mailed Vera to get information they were, to say the least, less than forthcoming about which proiducts were still USA made. I can see my long time obsession fading. I saw it as a good way to support my local retailer and a regional industry. After checking – all of my most recent purchases were made in China – it is a first time buyers remorse for me and Vera….

      • carol pandolfo

        12 CORNELL DRIVE SO.
        COMMACK NY11725

      • sleepyhead07

        Because Vera Bradley is now outsourced to China a former partner in Very Bradley now has her own line of VB style bags. The line is called Stephanie Dawn and the quality is outstanding. They offer many options and are MADE IN THE USA. Check them out!

    • Judy

      I have several VB’s that I would like to sell. My mother recently passed away and they were hers. Any advise *besides the typical E-bay?


      • Danielle

        You could go onto

        What kind of Vera’s do you have? I might be interested in them. If you can , Could you send me pictures of them with there prices?

        Thank you,
        Can’t wait to here from you.


      • carol

        Try Craigslist. They have it in some cities. I type “craigslist in jacksonville, FL” and go from there.

      • Rebecca

        :grin: What items are you trying to sell and what colors?

      • Lisa

        Do you have any Vera Bradley Chelsea Green hand bags in the collection you are selling. I’m having a realy hard time finding anyone with one I like for sale. Please let me know.


        This is just incase you are not in to Vera Bradley, so you know what style i’m looking for.

  • zoesmom

    Can’t do it. Reminds me too much of 50 something New Canaan ladies in tennis skirts and pom-pom socks.

  • Tuesday

    Hmm, kinda looks like a diaper bag.

  • ginny

    It is SO crazy to me!! The girls in my town will buy a retired Vera bradley pattern purse for like $450.00, but they FREAK out when someone buys a LV purse for $400.00!! [yes. they DO make REAL LV’s for $400.00!] It ridiculous cause the patterns arent even cute!

    • Vera Luver

      OMG! U r soooooooooooo… wrong about them being over priced!!!!!!! Ur just 1 of those stuck up poor people that r just jelous of people like me who have them!!!!!! The patterns r soooo… ctue!

      • Judy

        Work on your spelling ~ check the speck in your own eye before you judge

      • Mckenzie

        I agree. They really are not over priced. They rock. I have never seen a Vera Bradley for $450. They are really cute. That other girl has absolutley no idea what she is talking about!!!! :!:

      • BDC Consultant

        Hi ladies,

        If you love VB, then please check out this site, I am a consultant and would love to help you with selecting a custom made bag designed by you! You choose the fabrics, and a bag is sewn here in the USA and shipped directly to you.
        If you interested, reply to me.

      • veras r cute

        I dont think that that girl was a poor stuck up! Im rich 2 but, my family used to be poor 4 yrs ago and i understand wat its like my parents buy me $500 coach purses now but,I do think any purse over $100 is expensive but, the purses r cute and i LOVE being rich, having, big, cars, big houses, boats and other stuff but its NOT EVERYTHING! and ppl need to learn that being rich ISN’T EVERYTHING AT ALL! alot of ppl call me a rich snob but, im not a rude rich snot im nice and I dont make fun of any1 for what they have and dont have. $$$ isnt everthing

      • Bagfetish

        Stuck up poor person? Does that even make sense to any of you? I’ll agree the patterns are cute, but pls keep snobby comments like that to yourself.

  • Anna

    I think it looks like a diaper bag made in like 1885! needless to say i would never carry it.

  • billyjoe

    i’d use it as a diaper bag

  • Rach

    From about 2000-2004 Vera Bradley bags were HUGE in preppy small east coast colleges. Girls had them in several colors to match whatever color polo they choose to wear that day…and today I hate to admit I was one of those girls.

  • Christine

    well I must say it does look like a diaper bag…and that color is SO bright…but have you seen the smaller ones? There is also a tweed color that is a limited edition that is quite cute with a “kisslock closure. ($80, :-D

  • Ashley

    I do use it as a diaper bag still! I love it it has so much room even though they are “retired”.

  • Kelly

    Vera Bradley bags were pretty popular with the Greeks at University of Florida a couple of years ago. Each sorority picked a color and all had the same one. It has slowed down in the past two years, but the bags are still a common sight around campus.

  • Ashley

    I have a Villager and I use it all the time. It is the perfect tote. But, I agree that the bermuda blue looks like a baby bag. The same bag in a different print is fantastic.

  • karen

    i just got a wristlet and i think it’s cute i guess. I think it’ll be useful later on i guess.

  • Nat

    I’ve been looking at the Vera Bradley bags and have been thinking about buying this one. Maybe not in that color (which actually isn’t that bad when you see it on a bag) but in a darker one. Seems like a great bag anyways.

    • Vera Luver

      Do u even know the names of the styles or patterns? U r such a wanna be!!!!!!!!!

      • Southern Belle

        Vera Luver .. you are such trailer trash. Will you please shut up. If you have to announce how wonderful you are, then you are not as great as you think you are.

  • Jane

    The Villager tote is one of my favorite VB bags. I have it in a retired pattern whose name escapes me right now — it has white roses and red accents on a black background with bits of blue and khaki. The design of the bag is wonderful — pockets on the outside and six different pockets on the inside. It’s great as a shopping bag or a colorful accessory with my basic wardrobe colors and looks great with shorts, slacks or casual skirts. I have also used it as a carry-on and slipped a smaller purse, book, snacks, bottled water, and current needlepoint project inside. It’s such a lightweight, summery alternative to heavier totes. I just love it !

    • Vera Luver

      I have a hope toil molly that will be retired soon!

  • Margo – May 15, 2006

    I lover Vera’s for their lightweight quality. I used to switch back to leather bags in the fall but have found they’re too heavy after a summer of Vera’s. I stick to basics – classic navy (one of the oldest patterns) and classic black and always get lots of comments. However, I used to attend the sale in Ft. Wayne each spring, but will not attend any longer – no good bargains anymore – just colors and styles no one wants.

  • Margo – May 15, 2006

    I love Vera’s for their lightweight quality. I used to switch back to leather bags in the fall but have found they’re too heavy after a summer of Vera’s. I stick to basics – classic navy (one of the oldest patterns) and classic black and always get lots of comments. However, I used to attend the sale in Ft. Wayne each spring, but will not attend any longer – no good bargains anymore – just colors and styles no one wants.

  • elaine

    Don’t knock the Villager until you try one. It is the most practical organized, easy access purse I’ve ever used. And they just feel great! This bermuda blue is not my taste, but the Zebra Butt and Roosters with Eggs and the dark paisleys…now those are interesting looking!

    • Vera Luver

      I use villagers 4 bookbags… some times i dont have enough room so i have to use my peacok messanger bag.

  • Juju (Julia) Delia

    Cool bags. You should come up with new patterns. Younger people patters. For people in Junior High. All the cool girls at my school have your handbags, but they all have like the same print on them, its totaly booooooooooooring. Please consider my suggestion.

  • Gerrie

    I love my Villager! I use it as my Knitting bag, I have a place for everything, yarn, accessories, pattern book plus room for wallet and keys!

    Switched from high-end leather bags when I had shoulder problems this winter. I bought a black microfiber everyday bag (love it) – now looking for a summer Betsy bag!!

  • April

    I have the Villager in Sherbert, and just love it. It’s worth the money for it. I can put everything in there and there are so many pockets that I can keep my stuff organized in there. The colors of Sherbert are great for the summer, and goes along great with most of my clothes. I have gotten many of complements on it.

  • jojo&tomas’mama

    I do like the VB’s practicality however I seem to always want another piece and find they have “retired” my pattern/color.
    Call me anal, but……
    I have ended up with about 4 or more?? different patterns. Nothing matches and when i travel i feel so disorganized with a nantucket navy weekender and apple green large tote, seaport navy backpack, and american red garmet bag.
    anyone need to trade to geta matchin!
    have a great one.

  • Brittyn

    Okay, i know you guys probley don’t want a comment from a highschooler but everyone at my highschool has a VB bag because you have to walk around with all of your books and you only go to your locker probley once to switch your books because out school is huge and i do not have a VB bag yet but i’m getting one before school starts again because i don’t want to be the only one this yea with out one…….

  • hans

    I adore Vera Bradley! Their bags are to die for. Cute patterns, however, I have the toggle tote, in burmuda blue also, and it is a bit bright. Needless to say, i LOVE it. I intend on purchasing the Villager in Chelsea Green, a color a bit less childish, for classes on campus.

  • Kate

    does anyone know where(online) i could purchase the villager in chelsea green? i have been searching. i know of the vera bradley web site, but right now their bags are very in demand and it would take about six to eight weeks to get the back. help! i need a.s.a.p. for work!

  • jillie

    i am bored. yo.

  • jillie


  • ;akdiea;dkfjeoa;dfjekoa

    At my school everyone is carrying these. I am not sure if i like them yet.

  • JoAnn

    Love my Vera’s I have tote and a back pack, but I especailly love the back packs. Take it whenever I go shopping or to the City for a day its great to have free hands and nothing on your shoulder..LOoks great..I love the patterns..

  • amanda collin

    I’m not much in buying expensive things. And I didn’t know who Vera Bradley was. But one day when my husbend and I was out looking for a diper bag for our new born at Kid to Kid. I notice that the bags they had for sale was not the best of bags and the only one that looked good enough to put my baby stuff in and to carry around was this flower green bag. And it was only 4.99, so which it beening and in good condition I took.

    It was not until last night at a gethering someone had asked me “is that a Vera Bradley” and I was Like uhm I don’t know is that a brand of some kind? And it was….hahah I guess I lucked out….”)

  • Samantha C.

    I luv Vera Bradley there so colorfull and light weit i just luv them but there a little pricey can u lower the prices down just a bit.

  • CJ

    Hi, just want to say that I love VB I have 3 pieces right now and I think that they are amazing!! I bought the messenger in Classic Black and it is perfect for my laptop, and carrying my books around campus!

  • Casey

    hey everyone, i just LOVE vb, witch is cool because my favorite sport is volleyball, witch is also vb!!!!!!! ;) and i just love it, i have the purse the wallet, backpack, bed spread and SO MANY MORE THINGS!!!!!!!!!! hope you love it to!

  • Heather

    Vera Bradley is EVERYWHERE in Jacksonville, FL. I have about 30 different bags. All different patterns and styles! I can’t imagine carrying any other purse!! Everyone I know who has broken down and bought a Vera can’t go back to a regular purse either. “Once you go Vera,…” well you know! :)

  • Morgan

    I am in the 7th gade, and almost everyone has a Vera Bradley purse at my school. I dont yet but I am getting one. I think alot of the pattertns are cute but some are really ugly. I borrowed one of my friend’s and I liked it so much. I said I was never going to get one because almost every one else had one but now I,ve fallen in love.

  • Keely

    Where can you purchase them in a store…not online?

    • brandi

      you can buy them online at verabradley .com it is much easier than going to a hallmark…

    • vera luver

      U can purchase them any where that sells cuts stuff!

  • jj

    lov the bag. 2 of my classmates have them. i’m going2get the Java Blue pattern since it matches with everything plus it matches my hair color.

  • Sierra

    Keely (and anyone else): Around my small town in CT, I have seen these bags in Halmark, as well as some other small shops. I think that they are usually sold in small boutique-like shops that carry other cute, small things like candles and novelty items like cute little ornaments, etc.

    I have a Hope Toile Maggie and a Windsor Navy Hipster. I love the Hope Toile for the summer because of the bright, lively warm colors and the Windsor Navy, which I just got for my birthday, for the other half of the year. The Hipster is the best model because you can wear it as a regular, over-the-shoulder purse or if you’re tearing through the mall for some last-minute shopping and are carrying a lot of bags, you can wear it across your chest to make the load a little bit lighter (as I have done recently due to the busy busy busy holiday months).

  • Katie

    i see everyone i know with one…even the geeks…they r pretty fashonable but still dont have one…they r way too expensive…but cute. The patterns r so fetch! too bad they retired my favorite pattern which is apple green!

    • brandi

      well the maggies are only $38 dollars

  • Katie

    i see everyone i know with one…even the geeks…they r pretty fashonable but i still dont have one…they r way too expensive…but cute. The patterns r so fetch! too bad they retired my favorite pattern which is apple green!

  • Caitlin

    vera bradley’s are the best thing ever.:D

  • Kailee

    I second what caitlin said, vb’s are definitely the best!

  • Amy

    I third Kailee and Caitlin, they are da bomb :)

  • Lydia

    Vera Bradley bags are great. Lets just say that i may be a bit obsessed. I have about 7 or 8. They are amazing bags and they go with everything. So don’t knock the Vera Bradley Collection until you try them. They arn’t that expensive so you can buy one in every color.

  • Lisa

    I thought Vera Bradley’s were soooo matronly when I was in college. Then last summer my best friend had the Betsy in Sherbet. It was really cute. I first bought a villager in Piccadilly Plum. I’m hooked. I’ve been searching for the plum on ebay(now retired). It goes well with my Diane von Furstenberg luggage. I have a bowler in Windsor Navy and a Betsy in Mesa Red. The inside pockets are a dream.

    • brandi

      windsor navy is da bomb

  • Sue

    Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do with a damaged Vera Bradley Chelsea Green Villager bag? I bought it for my daughter in Nov for a gift, gave it to her at Christmas (the pattern became discontinued by then) and then she found it had ripped stitching. She REALLY wants another Chelsea Green Villager but it was out of stock at our retailer… I was hoping that there was a way that Vera Bradley could replace or repair it, but I have not found it… the only offers I get are credit for something else – which she does not want. Any ideas would be most appreciated…

    • stacy

      Have you ever found a replacement for your daughter? I may be able to help you.

  • Lydia

    you could possibly see if there are any retailers in your area that have any of the chelsea green bags that are discounted. i know that my retailer merle norman had a few in chelsea green. i hope that was a help

  • Victoria

    Try eBay………..

  • heather

    you can buy vb online now, which is a new thing. their site is: did you know that some of their patterns go for breast cancer research? cool.

  • Lydia

    haven’t you been able to purchase vb bags online for a long time. i have buying mine online for about 3 years. Also there are a few patterns that contributed to breast cancer research. I don’t maybe i’m crazy but i think that they have been selling bags online for a long time.

  • kristina

    a lot of people at my school have VB bags and i just bought one online but it hasn’t come yet. i cannot wait because i got the villager in mesa red. i think it is such a cute bag and i am getting addicted to vera bradley i am thinking about getting a wallet. but all the good reviews about the villager make me excited for when it comes

  • Abby

    It does get exciting doesn’t it.. I love getting a new VB bag. 8

  • kristina

    i finallygotmy vera bradley bag about 2 weeks ago and i love it! it fits all of my stuf for school without looking too bulky. it is definetly a great bad and i recommend it to anyone

  • lilly cassidy

    Both my sister and I have a huge collection of vera bags. I love how soft they are and unique they all are. No matter how expensive and trendy my coach or doonies are I always seem to to back in my closet and pick my one of my matching veras. :mrgreen:

  • *Hallie*

    :cool: *I LOVE VERA BRADLEY** They are soOoOoO cute! :lol: :wink: they are all sooo cute! yall should make a reversable purse!!** i love yall!!!

  • Lydia

    Does anyone know why the new Capri Melon color looks so faded?? I think it would be much cuter if the colors were vibrant.If anyone has any idea, let me know.

  • Marie

    I have always been very hard on purses. No matter how many I owned they never seemed to last for very long. I thought that if I purchased an extremely expensive brand that they would last longer. That didn’t work.

    Then, I saw one of my co-workers with a Chelsea green VB tote. Initially I thought it was a dollar store tote, because I was so accustomed to another look. She shared the VB secret with me. One year later I now own 4 VB’s in Java Blue. I consider this to be the most neutral tone aside from black, and I am completely satisfied. They are all still in very good shape. :smile:

  • jackie

    Does anyone know of a place to get Vera Bradley purses at a discount?

  • karen

    The only place i can reccomend is EBAY or normally in the fall and spring they have bags 40% off. You’ll just have to check your local Vera Bradley distributor.

  • Aurora

    I love my vera bradley. I have 2 of the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Society prints with a few accessories and I love them. I do agree that SOME of the prints look very diaper bag like though! There are many to choose from!

  • urban goddess

    I live in the middle of small private Mid West university. I see Vera EVERYWHERE. As an import from Europe, I was a bit confused. Europe is all about high end bags. Why are these bags sooooo popular. Recently I bought the Peacock handbag and the matching key fob. LOVE IT!!!!!
    So, I also got the hat and wristlet in the same print.
    I where a lot of black and the print is a lovely constrast.

    Okay, now a ‘get it’ and I’m a converted Vuitton, Chanel, and Dior girl!

    Urban Goddess

  • kristina

    i have a mesa red villager.i i have had it for 2 months already and still get comments on the color. everyone loves it. i really wantt og et the hipster in nantucket navy or windsor navy and a wallet. i love vera bradley. it is a good designer. the villager is great for my books. i also can keep stuff like ipod cell phone calculator and wallet oraganized with the extra pockets on the inside

  • bev

    I heard the villager bag is retiring. It is and has always been my favorite. I tried the Betsy, but always go back to the villager. I hope something else similar will replace it.

  • kayla

    they are so hot :razz:

  • kristen

    does anyone have the hipster? i really want to get it but i have never heard any reviews on it so can someone giveme some feedback.

  • Vera Girl

    They are coming out with a new Villager, it is pretty similar to the old style. They’re out in early July in the four new fall patterns!

  • Vera Girl

    (Oh, the Villager will be in all the patterns, I meant that the four new ones are coming in July, too! Can’t wait!)

  • kristen

    i cant wait to see the new colors!!!

  • Kitty

    I bought my first Vera Bradley today after seeing the Villager in Java Blue – it was love at first sight.

  • Dani

    My mother-in-law was just down in Florida and picked up a whole set of bags, a glasses case, cosmetic case, etc in Java blue for my birthday. When I opened the package I thought it was a little strange-looking – definitely something she would wear but a little “middle-aged” looking or like something my grandmother would carry her knitting around in.

    I’ve never seen (or at least noticed) Vera bags in the Canadian cities I’ve lived in (Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver) but I will test-drive mine this week and see how I like them. It’s really interesting to hear they were so big on college campuses in the States since at McGill and UBC they have been completely absent! Maybe I’ll start a new trend up north here :smile:

  • Lily

    I luv Vera Bradleys they are so cute. I love all the vibrent prints i own about 5 bags. :lol:

  • Michelle

    I myself was once a Coach, & Louis girl. I no longer am; these are great. I have purchased 3 in 3 months and I will definately be buying more….LOVE THEM!!

  • Vera Luver

    U r soooooooooo… pathetic!!!! I cant belive u didnt know what a Vera Bradley was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vera Luver

    I sooooooooo… agree w/ u hans!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  • Vera Luver

    OMG! U should soooooooooooooo… carry it!

  • Vera Luver

    Sherbert is sooooooooo… cute! :grin:

  • Tastycakes

    Aaaahhh whatever.

    If a tribeswoman from Gubaharihama came over wearing a VB most here would wear her grass skirt and cat-poo earrings, lol.

    It’s called being a sucka. And vb is a suckin on you-all, lol.

    Jealous? Not at all. Grossed out by the materialism going on here? YEP.

    You all must be closely related to the VB cheer-girl; PARIS HILTON.

    fact is; You all just wish you had the ability to have/buy as many VB’s as her. What HOOT!

    Thanks for the laughs gals…


    • SorryForYou

      Tastycakes if you are interested in discussion on Paris Hilton I suggest you find a forum related to her. This is actually a discussion on Vera Bradley bags, and there really just isn’t any reason to bore us with the offensive stereotypes you use to make yourself feel better about your insecurities.

      The question is why don’t you have anything better to do than to look at discussions on products you “don’t like”

  • ??

    i’m confused. are you even discussing that bag?… the topic of this forum. I don’t think there is any need to diss all of us because we buy vera bradley bags. i’m sorry to tell you this… but maybe you are the one who is a little jealous.

  • tay

    I absolutley love vera bradley
    at my school though no one knows about them because there all typical gangster city kids whoo have no sense of style
    i own a amy bag in pink bermuda and a pencil case in petal pink and i just resently purchased a tote in peacock which is my favorite i have a peacock i-pod nano case and a pink bermuda watch and on august 1st i will be recieving a peacock duffle
    so excited

  • lisa

    I just saw the new fall patterns. They are so cool, it is hard to decide which one I want. I myself hacd 3 in the Maggie, then went to a hipster and am now loving the bucket tote. I think I’m getting it in the new cambridge print- green and blue. It’s a hard decision which print to get though. :wink:

  • lucille

    i am not a big fan of the new patterns however apple green is my favorite, i also have the nantucket red and bees, does anyone know were i can get retired prints besides ebay

  • lydia

    i just bough the new curvy tote in the new mod floral pink.. I LOVE IT! the new designs are so cute and they are selling very quick. the vendor i purchase the bags from was completely sold out of wallets in mod floral pink… if your intereseted in these colors i would hurry up and purchase them!

  • Lorelei

    I love my Vera bags and wallets, however I don’t know that I will ever buy any of them again. I prefer things made in the USA and Vera’s are being made in China now, also the place I normally buy them, just got there buying privlages taken away by Vera just because they are not a boutique. You would think Vera wouldn’t care where they are sold as long as they are being sold so they can stay in business.

  • kat

    um, vera luver, you must be really stupid to criticize people for not knowing the names of patterns and styles when you cant’ even spell jealous.

  • kat

    oh, and vera luver please stop sayin OMG!!!!! and soooooooooo. It is very, very annoying.

  • Melanie

    I Luv VB as well as the next girl i have a java blue pocket fold wallet and im trying to get a java blue small tic tac tote i just Luv that pattern :!: But they are a little pricey in my opinion. There very nice though and even though there pricey i still have this Over wellming NEED 2 have them. There so Cute and fashinable. And around here there starting to spread like Wild Fire. I live in SC if anyone is wondering. :grin:

  • I would never pay that kind of money for a fabric purse until a couple of weeks ago. My daughter and her friends have been buying them for a couple of years and although they look cute not for me at that price. The outlet show came to Charlotte and we went nuts. We bought lunch boxes for $5, belts and check book covers for a dollar, lap top bag for $10, large tote bag for $15, the sateen purse $12 and matching wallet $4 large backpack $23 and so on. We bought $970 retail prices for are you ready for this……..
    $160!!!!! You see alot of it on ebay now for sale and let me tell you they are making alot of money reselling it. Today is the last day for the outlet sale in Atlanta, Ga. I hope they come to charlotte again in the spring.

  • destiny

    :mrgreen: i love vera brdley purses all the chics are fighting over them its so hot :eek: :mad: :lol: :wink: :roll: :razz: :grin: :cool: :smile: :arrow:

  • melissa

    I love the retired apple green!!! I did use the large apple green tote as a diaper bag and it worked great!!! I just baught the hipster today in Java blue and it’s a great over the shoulder bag!

  • mykittywinks

    To tell you the truth I am so lucky to have friends who work for Vera Bradley.. One girl has a collection of everything they have made since she started working there 14 years ago. She said that there are prototypes and specials that were never widly dristributed.

  • heather

    ok ladies…I really need to find a garment bag in anastasia. can anyone help me? if so, email me at Thanks!

  • lydia

    does anyone know when they will be retiring their colors? Do they retire before or after christmas, i guess that is my real question. If anyone knows, please let me know. I know that the colors are windor navy, capri melon, and petal pink. If anyone knows, that would be great. THANKS!

  • tiffany

    I was on the market for a new VB this season, and I needed a lot of pockets. The new VB Mod Floral Pink Villager was my first choice, it has a double outside pocket on the front, six slip-in pockets inside and a zippered top, it is well made, with awesome fabric and color, but I was not sure about the pattern, a little bit too busy for college student, I eventually bought a funtote mapletree( )from mxyplyzyk in Greenwich, it comes with 4 pockets that I needed, and younger and contemporary looks I preferred. They actually have a lot of other designs I liked.

  • lucinda

    omg. . i <3 vera so much. . its so pretty. . i like java blue, and capri melon which is now retiring. . theya re all so cute!!!! :mrgreen:

  • amanda

    I have 3 discontinued VB purses FOR SALE!!! I have all RETIRED ITEMS!!! I have the Emily backpack type of pocketbook with the cosmetic case and trifold purse (retired 1/06),also Piccadilly Plum standard pocketbook and bifold purse (retired 1/07) and Animal Kingdom pocketbook only (retired 1/03) Will sell at a reasonable price to pay for car expenses. PM me at THANKS

  • Mckenzie

    I looked in one of my Vera Bradley bags, and it says made in China. I am afraid it might a knock off. I don’t think anyone should have to pay full price for something made in China. I am returnig all of my Vera Bradleys that say made in China. :!:

  • Mckenzie


    • The Nanner

      Sorry! Those are probably not knock-offs. To my knowledge, Vera has several different manufacturing venues.
      1) factory right here in Fort Wayne, IN
      2) made in China
      3) made in Mexico
      4) made by women in their own homes

      Short term projects – long term projects – depending how much turn around is needed.

      So, there goes the exclusively made in the USA title.

  • Chrissy

    I really cannot bring myself to buy one. The design is very “old lady-ish” and I pride myself on fashion as a New Yorker and all. It just doesn’t fit that sophisticated image I enjoy so much. Though the reasonable price indicates to me that it isn’t meant to be sophisticated. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick with Cole Haan or Coach.

  • Ren

    And what is so great about coach miss New Yorker?

  • Adriana

    Just thought I’d say that I am completely addictoed to Vera Bradley. I think it’s great that they have patterns where proceeds go to breast cancer foundations. Plus, the colors and styles are very cute. I own around 8 VB bags, and I’m super satisfied with all of them. All you people who say that the bags look old lady-ish, should maybe look in the mirror, because chances are that you just aren’t in with whats cute. Yeah, get some you stuck-up wannabes who buy FAKE coach purses for 200 dollars. ‘Cause guess what…VERA BRADLEY IS MORE REAL THAN YOU’LL EVER BE.

  • Kayli

    I love vera bradley! I just have a tote to replace my backpack that broke and I absolutely LOVE it. I am definately buying a vera bradley purse. I am thinking about getting a windsor navy serry or a petal pink maggie.

  • Jenna

    hi i am just about to purchase for the first time a VB purse. I’m deciding between either the small tic tac tote or the large. I’m using it for school and i’m not sure which one will be more dependable. Is the small one more like a purse or could it hold notebooks, books and such without getting unbelievably heavy. If anyone has either one or both, I’d greatly appreciate an opinion to help me out. Thanks! :)

  • Lauren

    i ♥ vera bradly it rocks and i know it stinks the china matrerials are hoorid!!! :oops:

  • Lauren


  • Lauren


  • Nicole

    To the comment by Lauren. If your mom really does own a Vera Bradley store, do you know if they have have discounts on the Java Blue 21-inch rolling lugagge (if they sell that piece at her store). I have been trying to look everywhere to get one at a discounted pice, because I really just refuse to pay $250.00 for a little piece of luggage, even though I would use it a lot. Max. for me would be $185.00 that includes shipping to PA. Well let me know.

    As for the Coach issue. I do believe their bags are great and really functional! I always buy authentic-never fake-strait from the stores. My boyfriend always use to get me an Authentic Coach or some other expensive brand name handbag for me for our anniversary-but I moved on to loving diamonds more. After all, Diamonds are a girls best friend.

    However, the MAIN reason I chose jewelry now, is because the authentic handbags are horrendously expensive. I would rather spend my $1,000 (yeah thats right-coach bags now sell $1,00 handbags) on my annual Birthday bash in the bahamas than on a freaking hangbag that I would be afraid to use! I mean seriously, I just think it is absolutely crazy to spend that much on a freaking purse, you could buy a nice Canary diamond for that much! Purse prices are going through the rough. I need to start making my own. I just believe it is stupid, I mean by the time I buy a $1,000 handbag (which I will never do), I will have NO CASH to put in it, thus defeating the purpose of the item.

    Well, lauren i hope you will get back to me on that issue!

  • Nicole

    spelling error “roof” not “rough”-haha


  • susan

    Does anyone have the VB laptop case? If so, do they really fit a 15″ laptop? Want to buy one on EBay but afraid it won’t fit. They look small.
    Thanks! :mrgreen:

    • Susan

      I have the Metro and the new tall tote, and both fit a Sony vaio. :grin:

  • Lizzie :cool:

    I just bought the pinwheel pink ‘Vera’, pinwheel pink is the newest bag for breast cancer :smile: 10% of the proceeds went to breast cancer :mrgreen:. My advice is to, go onto and find a store near you that sells Vera’s. Because it is so much easier. I wanted a Vera Bradley for school to put my books in. And i was going to get a ‘tote’ and when i got to the store, i realized the tote was to small and i decided to go for a pinwheel pink ‘Vera’ i was also debating on getting a large tic-tack-toe. But, i decided to settle with a ‘Vera’ and im happy it fits all my books fine. I also got a ‘out-to-lunch’ witch is a lunch book. I think it is very fashionable and cute! So, i also got a pinwheel pink out-to-lunch, to match my pinwheel pink ‘Vera’ :razz:.

    Now, this whole feud over Coach, and Vera. I personally like both. However, i wouldn’t choose a Big coach bag for school and like a beach bag. I would probley only get a small clutch and a purse. Like my mom just recently bought, the pink patchwork for coach. And its ah-adorable! I know the price is a little much, however, its a great piece to last you awhile!

    Also, this whole thing going on with the U.S.A and China malfunctioning. I never realized it. And if you feel so strongly about it. I would write a letter saying so. Maybe the would change the prices done :?:

  • Lizzie

    I got a vera pinweel pink backpack for breast cancer

  • Kayla

    I just love vera bradley. I have several purses and accessories. I am always looking for discounted vera bradley even used vera. If anyone has any vera that you are wanting to sell at a discounted price, let me know. Thank you!

  • Nancy


    I just found a Vera Bradley Betsy bag in Citrus among my Mother’s things after she passed away and decided to keep it rather than donate it with the rest of her items. I am glad that I did as this bag is fantastic and I never thought I would ever say anything like that where Vera Bradley bags are concerned.

    Of course, wanting to find some matching accessories, I discovered that the pattern has been retired, but I did find a small cosmetics bag on eBags in the Citrus color, ordered it, and received it last evening, much to my happiness.

    I never thought I would admit this, but I HAVE become a VB junkie too!

  • Michelle

    There are several VB groups online where you talk about Vera or sell/exchange items.

    There’s on on Yahoo, too. Just go to groups and search “Vera Bradley”

    I’ve gotten lots of great deals from these groups :)

  • Jan

    I am on vacation and my beautiful VB backpack broke…does anyone know where I can get it repaired or if the company will repair it? :cool:

  • Jasmine

    :sad: why is vera bradley so expensive for a purse with leaves on them boo
    :arrow: what ever

  • Erin

    I have a bunch of Bowlers, Lolas and Travel organizers for sale. Please email me for more detail :)

  • Heather

    I just got back from the Vera Bradley outlet sale in Ft. Wayne, In and had a blast!

    I have my story of the trip with pics here.

  • Dawn

    I also went to the Outlet Sale this year. I posted a couple of pics of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, as well as the price list from the first day of the sale (from what I hear, several prices were reduced as the sale progressed…)

  • Mike

    Discount Vera Bradley Purses, Handbags, and even fabrics at huge discount prices. New, Used, Retired, Discontinued, Vera Bradley Zone has it all.

  • Hey! if you like vera bradley bags, check out this website!

  • I’m a big Vera fan and have been a happy owner of this line for a long time.

    I found a Vera Bradley Outlet site which has a big selection of bags, accessories and even discontinued Vera products. Prices and selection looks great here. :smile:

  • Kristl

    Hey, I’ve bought my first VB last year, Bowler Mod Blue. I really like it! I want to buy another bag big enough to stuff a magazine or a cross-stitch project, which currently fits in my Bowler. I want the Yellow Bird in a Bucket tote, but I am considered about no zipper closure. Does anyone have any trouble with their stuff falling out of the Bucket tote?

  • Jaclyn

    tacky, reminds me of teen girls, over priced…need i say more? oh yeah and the pattern’s are horrible. but i must say i like the plain ones…and i think the large tote bags do look handy…but i’ve never bought any vera bradleys…you can get a leather purse for practically the same price! ah sorry…i have a vendetta against these bags haha

    • Tori

      I beg to differ! I am 12 years old and have 7 Vera Bradleys! I LOVE them! They are AMAZING and GREAT quality! They are perfectly priced! They are just a little bit cheaper than Coach! I love them!

    • Nicole

      Actually Jaclyn your so wrong Vera Bradley has the cutest patterns and if
      a pattern is too much you can just get a small clutch or wristlet and if you get tired of a pattern just buy a new one. I have so
      Much Vera Bradley from big bags, clutches, stationtary, post-its, Wristlets, the clasped clutch, pens, small chain purse, the big and small luggage bag, and the big and small back pack. Most of the stuff is in different patterns for a change. Also its super cheap not over priced at all your clearly just cheap and can’t even afford Vera so you say things like calling it “tacky” otherwise why would you be on a Vera Bradley comment site.

  • Alissalou

    (Jaclyn: Like most vendettas, yours is held with no evidence. If you haven’t tried them, you shouldn’t knock them.)

    I have used, bought and sold Veras for about 20 years (yes, I’m from Ft. Wayne, and we are saturated with them here). Even though I once felt they were sort of ‘rustic’, back in the late 80’s, I have found them to be very versatile, convenient, and with the new patterns yearly, exciting. Everyone has ‘their’ bag or pattern, and that only adds interest; it’s fun to see what kind of Vera someone favors.

    I prefer the older bags, usually a Villager or Betsy; LOVE those POCKETS!!! The ‘Made in Indiana’ bags seem to be better made, the patterns were more complicated and interesting, and the fabric of a higher quality (usually!). The only bag you used to see was the ‘Original #100’, the small duffle or ‘barrel bag’, and admittedly, while it was a good all-round handbag, it WAS a bit boring! I’m glad they have improved it with all the nice pockets. But it’s great that the younger girls are getting into the newer patterns and styles, and wonderful that Vera Bradley is designing things just for them.

    As far as favorite patterns, I’d have to say that Chanticleer (Eggs) or Tavern on the Green or Animal Kingdom are some of mine. I’m a sucker for a pretty animal face, and those fit that bill. The Yellow Bird and Night Owl patterns just don’t have the same personality. My 3 faves also go well with denim or black, which I wear a lot. The newer Puccini is beautiful, as is (was, now retired) Botanica.

    Last but not least…I have recently read that Vera Bradley is going to start making the bags in the US only, and you should see the new plant here south of the city…it’s HUGE. Hopefully, the quality of the originally ‘Made in Indiana’ bags will return!

  • Pauline

    I love Vera Bradley bags! When I was in sixth grade, my friend introduced me to them because she had just gotten the small duffel in pink elephant. I had never heard of them, but when she sent me the website, i thought they were completely adorable. I loved them before anyone else my age did, and was the first to get one.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys. Are you just saying it’s ugly because it’s a mainstream purchase? To really learn to appreciate a good buy, you need to get away from that and tap into your own preferences, not what the crowd tells you to do. In seventh grade I hated VB’s, but over the years I realized that I was allowing my self to be influenced by NOT falling into the craze.

    Wear what you want, buy what you want.

    • Tori

      I totally agree! I am in the seventh grade and own 7! I absolutely LOVE them and I was the first one in my school to get one! I got my first in 5th gtade! It was a Lola in Java Blue!

      • Danielle

        Agreed, i am 14 and i have 15 vera bradleys. They do not rip or tear very easy. The patterns are so cute and can be used for any age. My mom has 5 and she loves them. I think they are priced at a good rate. They come in great colors and all different sizes and they dont just have the patterns you can get leather and mesh and patching. They patching sorta looks like Coach a little bit but its a $100 cheaper! my first vera was the BookBag in Capri Blue. Still doesnt have a rip and i had it for 5 4 years! deffinitly worth looking at or buying.

  • Chris

    Vera Bradley is work of the devil. Those bags have zero design integrity. They are like wearing a sign that says, “I am suburban, follow trends like sheep, and have to have everything my friends have”.

  • Karen

    Vera Bradley bags now have a label that says MADE IN CHINA – In 2006, the bags still had labels that said MADE IN USA. Vera Bradley’s old facility in Ohio that employed 140 people who would have been laid off now houses a new company named Stephanie Dawn – the seamstresses and employees that made VB bags for 25 years are now employed making the new MADE IN USA Stephanie Dawn bags. Their website will be up in about a month. – I think it will be something like

    • Pat

      I just bought my first 2 Stehanie Dawn bags, and I’m thrilled! I had no idea that VB moved overseas. It’s time we support our local businesses here in the USA. I plan to spread the word to all of our members at Curves, since I work there. The purses are quality fabric and I like they even better because I’m supporting local workers. They are gorgeous! Thanks “Stephanie Dawn” for staying here! You’re the best!

  • Erin

    I love the new “Stephanie Dawn” bags!!! They are made in the USA at the same factory in Ohio as the Vera bags when they were being made in the US before they went over to China to make all their bags. The colors are so vibrant and the quality is fantastic…very well made! The company comes out with three new colors every season. I think these bags are going to be the new trend and I would suggest stocking up on them now!!!

    • Tori

      I don’t think they have a chance against VB’s! Just think! You even see VB’s on TV!

      • So? You see white trash on TV all the time. Doesn’t mean you have to buy it…

  • Emily Jane

    Somebody posted a long thing about, basically, “I LOOOOOVE BEING RICH” and what I have to say to that…

    I feel that if you are ALL about the Dior, the Coach, and the Louis Vuitton bags, you are a walking label. They all brand their print on a bag and you walk around with it. Vera Bradleys do not ‘brand’ you. In fact, since most people haven’t heard for Vera Bradley, you aren’t walking about with a large logo.

    I love Veras mostly because they are lightweight and cotton. They are quality and are washible. Plus, they aren’t very outrageously priced. A large Vera, for example, the VERA, costs less than 100 dollars whereas that same size Vuitton can go upwards of 5 thousand dollars.

    To be brutally honest: It’s a waste to spend so much on something that is going to be dragged across the floor and used excessively, marched through the rain and hot sun, and taken to the beach, filled with food and towells, etc., etc.,

    So, Veras are good, and reasonably priced.

    And quality, made in China or not. Plus, they are cute and stylish. Not some ugly leather thing that is dull.

    And I don’t think they are old styled. Grandmas may like them, but even elementart school children carry them…So they are versatile.

    • Sorry, but VB bags stand out because they are so ugly…I can spot one 30 feet away. And to ask that much money for a FABRIC bag is a little ludicrous. Went to the sale and I was NOT impressed…one bag was so ugly I was embarrassed to see it there…it originally went for $42 and I’ve seen better stuff at the freaking dollar store…

  • Jesse

    Regarding the stephanie Dawn bags: they are nothing more than a new knock off. We don’t need another knock off. If you want to place such an emphasis on being made in USA be original. I love Vera. Not all of their bags are made overseas. I spoke to a shop owner and he told me that they actually have more quality issues with the Vera bags made in the USA than overseas. Isn’t tht a shame? Doesn’t speak highly for us in in US.

    • Tori

      I agree!

      • Tori

        Well…maybe I don’t cause some people in my class cant afford veras and r jealous of mine so they carry fakes and it would b mean to tell them theres is a knockoff

    • Liz

      It is my understanding that Stephanie Dawn manufactured Vere Bradley for many years until the company decided to move their manufacturing to China. Stephanie Dawn decided to manufacturer there line to keep their employees employed in the US. If their were no manufacturing problems while Stephanie Dawn was Vera Bradley’s manufacturer for so many years I do not see how Stephanie Dawn be a bad knockoff since they already had so much experience in the line of purses. They kept their employees working. In spite of the pullout.

    • Debbie

      They are not a knock off they are the same people who made the Vera Bradley when they were made here.

      Vera Bradley is China made now so they aren’t really Vera Bradley they are the knock off………………….

  • Jane

    Just so everyone is clear the few Vera bags that are made in the USA are now being made at Vera Bradley’s own facility outside of Fort Wayne ,IN and have been for about the last 6 months. So any quality issues the store owners may be having with their USA made Vera is a direct reflection of Vera Bradley and not a reflection of all companies making products in the USA.

  • Shelly

    I have been a loyal Vera Bradley customer for YEARS. I go to the ourlet sales in Fort Wayne. I would never dream of buying a knockoff……..that is until recently. VB’s quality has gone down and prices up. I have done a lot of research about Stephanie Dawn and I bought one. It is made in the USA by KAM, the same comapny that sews for VB. None of them are made in China. I have to say, I don’t think I’ll be buying VB anymore and I know a lot of people who agree with me. In these economic times, my money is important.

    • Tori


  • Maryann

    I have many many Vera bags and all the accessories. I have been buying them for a while and have an amoire full of them. I and all the nurses I use to work with love them. I would never take mine into the hospital and take care of everyone I have ever bought. It is my one guilty pleasure and when others may spend hundreds or thousands on one purse, I started a collection of Vera purses and totes and am not sorry. I have the whole collection of New Hope and love it. I know part of my money went to breast cancer research and have been in my favorite shop when breast cancer patients have come in to buy the latest bags that benefit the Susan B. Koman foundation. I try to buy a bag for the foundation every year, if not for me, for a gift. My daughter loves Vera and one of my best friends at the hospital where I used to work got hooked due to me and loves her bags. It is an innocent addiction and it employees people and I too am hoping they will bring the company factory back to the USA as I saw a difference in the quality especially in the darker fabrics after the operations went overseas. I still love Vera and will continue to add to my collection because I have Dooney, but it is too heavy and I have a Coach, but it is too expensive and I am not into a bag with C’s all over it. (my husband bought it for me in Las Vegas at the Ceasar’s resort) I have never used it and I have it for 3 years…. I know Vera’s business must be down because I don’t see the people flocking around to buy like in the past when the collections would come out and the new pieces are staying the stores longer and the sales never use to happen like they are now. But…it is the sign of the times. I only pray things get better for all of us. Not just for the purpose of buying a Vera, but for the future of us all. Happy Vera….think of it this way, it is like playing Barbies. The patterns, the colors, playing with purses instead of dolls…..innocent fun. God Bless the USA.

    • Lee

      I like the New Hope pattern. I have many Vera Bradley Bags, and some of my accessories match eath other. I have worn some of them out by using them so much and by washing them.

      I am addicted to these bags and I must say, I do like most of the patterns, some more than others. When they first came out with the breast cancer survivor bag, I bought one, because my daughter had breast cancer.

      I also bought the “baby bag” which I don’t see anymore. I got this when my first grandchild was born.

      I must say, Vera has a following. I know for sure that I am a big fan!

      Good luck collecting Vera…..



    I used to work at the factory in Ohio that made the VB bags, and the new brand that they have started selling STEPHANIE DAWN is by no means a knock off of the VB brand. When VB sent a prototype to the factory, the bag was examined, ripped apart , and made into a bag that would be functional. The new and improved bag was mass produced and sold as VB. KAM had a huge role in the production of high quality bags and VB and they very untactifully tried to put them out of business. But, since KAM has a strong sense of business they picked up the pieces and created their own line of purses. They will be very successful and I will never buy a VB again!! The two lines are the STEPAHNIE DAWN and BRANDY J. Just remember that these are new lines so there is not as large of a selection!!

  • Cassie

    (: i love vera bradley! i have like five different ones. they’re sooo soft, and all my friends have them too. whats not to like about them? and those of you who use them as diaper bags, totally gross. What’s wrong with you people?? what eves. ♥**

  • sarah

    i have about 10 vera bradleys and everyone has a vera at my skool i luv vera bradleys

  • Vera Bradly

    Has anyone ever been to a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale? I’ve been a huge fan ever since my sister got me my first Vera last Christmas…

    Now it’s all I want! Coach who?? LOL

    I really want to connect with other Vera owners and see all of the past styles I’ve missed out on.

    A nice looking site that my friend is putting together:

    Go Vera!

  • i

    can u use this as a bck pack????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    I have a few Vera Bradley items. I given a few for gifts.
    I really like the MINI HIPSTER! Great for going to concerts, craft fairs, shopping. I need something small enough to include my phone and digital camera! I really would like some solid color mini hipsters but really love a lot of the fabric styles.
    One thing about Vera the price is equal to the quality.
    However, since I have started going back to the days of Doris Day and others that try to match their purses to what they are wearing I am willing to buy anyones quilted bags especially if I love the design & the price is right.
    Those that feel the Vera pricing is right on should take into account that you cannot just grab one style of bag to use with everything you wear!
    Companies have to make a decision:
    1) Do I make a quality item & price it for the masses so I can see my product everywhere?
    2) Do you make a quality item that you don’t want to see everyone using because the price is too high.
    I’m a people pleaser, I would want to make the quality item for the masses and make them affordable so you would be more likely to buy every accessory item that goes with the style.

    I just discovered the Stephanie Dawn bags. I can definately see a quality difference but it may just be the type of fabric. I may have to look them up on Ebay. However, you don’t really get that great a deal on ebay on Vera either.

  • lorilee

    i just heard that vera’s now being made in china. bummer! myself and my 3 girls, mildly obsessed to say the least, will no longer be buying them. even the ones made in the usa because they’re still sending some out…i’d like them to know that even a little outsourcing is NOT ok.

  • ladywriter

    Buy Local is right. VB are being made in China. And selling on QVC. They have pulled out of all of the Hallmark stores that used to sell their stuff. Read Stephanie Dawn’s website. They are the factory that made the VB bags. Their quality is much better than the new VBs from China. The fabric is better and they are cheaper. They do not have the colors and styles yet but just wait. I will not buy VB anymore, not only because I want to support a USA company but because Stephanie Dawn bag are better.

  • Erin

    I checked all 6 of the vera bradley bags I own, and they are all made in the USA.

  • Tsela

    I love the look of the Vera Bradley backpack purse, esp. the Symphony in Hue! and am really tempted to buy, but am concerned about the fabric not being durable, getting frayed perhaps…or what happens when you get caught in the rain? My other bags are leather, or nylon. What has all of your experience been with the fabric holding up?

    • Nicole

      Hey! just letting you know that I have the large back pack and it’s so durable, I carry all my books in it around campus. It rains a lot where I live and ive had it for over a year, and have never had a problem. Also if it gets dirty I just wash it and its fine, hope this helps!

  • Liz

    Buy Stephanie Dawn the quality is phenomenal and made in the US. Vera Bradley is now manufactured in China and their prices are the same inspite of manufacturing costs dropping. Stephanie Dawns prices are lower than Vera Bradleys. Let’s promote USA made products and keep the people of the USA working. Support your local manufactures.

  • Lee

    I love Vera Bradley bags. I have given then to my kids and my sister. My husband bought me bags when I was in the hospital. He also bought me the purses and eyeglass case. I get so much use out of all these items.

    I wish they would not retire some of the colors. I don’t always like a pattern, but often buy them anyway, because they stretch out and I put ALOT of stuff in them.

    They are the best!

  • Jenn

    For everyone who will no longer buy a VB bag because they are being made in China: Is everything you own made in the USA? Your clothing, your electronics, the lights in your house, your ceiling fan, appliances, your shoes, your dog’s food, your picture frames??? If not, you should probably think about slowing down your indignation.

  • Gloria

    I have many Vera Bradley’s (Used but excellent condition) I am interested in selling.

  • Jessica

    I am sure that Vera Bradley bags are now made in China. I that they use to be made the USA.

  • Naggy

    I would scare off villagers with this horrid thing. (ipad)

  • KY

    Horrible bag. (ipad)

  • michelle

    im intrestred in your guys’s opinion. Should i get the Backpack or the Mailbag??

    im going to quebec and would like something to bring along (besides my suitcase) that can fit in it things like souvaneers, food, ect. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!! i also want to use whichever item i get after the trip (maybe for school??)

  • Cindy

    I just found a Vera Bradley shoulder bag at the thrift store selling for $5.99! I love it! It’s in excellent condition, in a paisley print of orange/yellow/pink. The tag inside says it’s made in the USA. Does anyone know what pattern this is? The cardboard bottom does not come out, is this still machine washable as the tag says? Thanks!

  • mark

    My gf loves to get Vera Bradley and I seem to find the best sales and coupon codes on this site hope this saves some people money.

  • $69 for a tote bag? My blue tyvek Ikea bag was 59 cents! I can haul two weeks’ worth of groceries in that thing!

  • Miki

    Love that bag

  • Lauren

    Vera bags are being in made in both the United States as well as China. If you go into a Vera Bradley store and they have a few of the same bag you can check the tag and you are likely to find a USA made bag. However, the China made bags seem to be liked more often due to less stitching errors or misplacement/misalignment of magnets and toggles. While the prices of the bags haven’t gone down there are promotions almost everyday in the store and even more so online. I am all for everyone buying whatever bags they choose but I think it is wrong to join a discussion about one brand just to promote another.