Vera Bradley handbagSurprisingly I have never once talked about Vera Bradley. Never. I realized that just the other day and was a little shocked at myself. Not that Vera Bradley has always been my favorite, but it was definitely worth mentioning. I can’t decide what has deterred me from Vera Bradley bags so badly. It may have been the teenie-boppers who swore it was a trend and they could pull it off, or the college girls who carried it to seem like a sophisticated growing woman, or the mere fact that it is a quilted flowered bag that somewhat reminds me of my grandma. Somewhere in there Vera Bradley lost it’s appeal to me. But as the trend of the bag has slowly died down, I am not finally appreciating the bags more properly. I just love the feel of them. It’s the “hey I just got back from my ranch in the Hampton’s where I spent the weekend riding my prized horse, picking Lilly’s by the pond, and drinking tea.” I love that feel. I must admit I like to be a little sophisticated from time to time, and that feeling reminds me of good ole’ boarding school.

Between the amazing amounts of bags and variations I have found my liking with the simple shaped but totally practical Vera Bradley Villager bag in Bermuda Blue. I love the shape. I know totes are everywhere, but they are so super practical, I can not pass them up. The color chart is huge (about 21 colors to chose from) but the Bermuda Blue is touching my liking. The beauty of the light blue color mixed with the simple design of some green and white just makes me happy. The bag has everything you could wish for: a key clip, zip closure, a sturdy base, and three pockets outside and six inside for organization. The size is plenty big,16″L x 12 ½”H x 4″W. So why not learn to love Vera? One more reason to love her is the bag is a mere $69 through Vera Bradley.

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