Vanessa Bruno Square Shoulder BagI like what I am seeing here. There is nothing over the top or too extravagant about this handbag, but again, I like what I see. The Vanessa Bruno Square Shoulder Bag is one that I would like to swing onto my arm as I head out for the day. For starters, the color is simply gorgeous. Turquoise is a color that could be hard to work with, especially with such a large bag like this, but everything comes together nicely here. The turquoise leather, gold-tone hardware, square shape and buckle fastening pockets work fabulously together. I am definitely the kind of girl who loves looking for something a little different and a tad edgy. I think this handbag hits the spot. I don’t usually carry large handbags when I go out in the evening, but with this handbag in toe, I could make an exception. And like I’ve said so many times, I love a handbag that can be paired with several outfits. Awesome! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $965.

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  • Lauren

    It’s a great bag, but somehow I think it would look better if it was just regularly shaped instead of pulled in at the center. But I love the color, and it looks like a great wear-with-anything day bag.

  • QueenMAB

    An absolutely spectacular color, but I’m rather meh about the shape. It does look very practical, but I think it needs something to make it stand out, well other than the color.

  • emm

    i love big handbags!! :D ..i’d like the idea that nothing is falling out..~~ mwhehehe..

  • Bag Gal

    Looks yammy! But is it easy on the shoulder?

  • Bag Gal

    Sorry, i misprint – yummy

  • luvhautecouture

    ehh, the shape looks kind of funny to me.. reminds me of a traffic triangle sign… even though it’s not triangular…

  • patois

    Don’t mean to nitpick, but it’s in tow (not toe).

  • chloehandbags

    It’s a lovely colour and the style is quite nice, too, but I really don’t like the tiny rings that attach the handles to the body of the bag.

    They look extremely disproportionate, to me, in relation to both the body of the bag and to the buckles.

    They should be the same size as the buckles, IMO; or, ideally, I’d dispense with them altogether and have the straps attach directly to the bag. :)

  • Shannon

    I like the colour a lot, but it looks like something my grandma would carry, a little to old for my style.

  • AC Gaughen

    Color: Hot. You would think turquoise would be hard to work with, but I love it. Then again, I love anything blue!

    Shape: Awesome. I really like the cinching, because I’ve noticed a lot of vaguely shaped tote bags lately that just look lame–this one has shape and sass; sign me up!

  • Christy

    I love big bags like these. They are super functional. This is my personal favorite –

  • Fashion Archives

    To be honest I don’t really like this bag.

  • Ji

    I love the color, but not the shape. I love big bags

  • Donna H.

    It’s a gorgeous color, and almost an exact match to my favorite semi-precious stone to work with when making jewelry… Larimar. Not only is the color the same, but the radiance and versatility are also found in this gorgeous bag. Fortunately, Larimar beads are more affordable under my budget thatn this bag would be. : )

  • kimalee

    Honestly, that flap over the top would drive me nuts! I would end up never closing the bag completely and then worrying about something falling out :(
    The color is beautiful, though!

  • Jenifer

    I love big bags and I could use a little color in my life. I am kind of stuck in the black bag syndrome so this might be a good one for me!