Everyone knows the name Ralph Lauren, but few handbag lovers associate the brand with great bags. While Ralph Lauren has designed some beauties like the Ricky, the majority of their handbags slide far below the radar and are not acknowledged by the accessories community at large. It’s a pity; Ralph Lauren is so expansive and major that you would assume the brand would churn out beautiful purses as well.

Every New York Fashion Week, I end the festivities with the Ralph Lauren show, and it’s always one of the most breathtaking collections, season after season. The clothing is magical and the accessories that walk the runway are brought to life by the outfits. Lately, it appears as though accessories department at Ralph Lauren is trying to revamp its offers by working to make Lauren’s handbags not only better, but also more recognizable. I don’t usually opt for fringe nor suede, but when I saw this Ralph Lauren Suede Fringe Crossbody bag, I fell in love.

The style is straightforward, but everything about it has the perfect all-American vibe that the brand is known for. I’m such a casual clothing gal, and this bag matches perfectly with everything I wear while also giving a bit of liveliness to my look. When I carried this bag, all I found myself doing was swishing back and forth and side to side. We all miss the playfulness that leaves us as we become adults, and fringe has a way to bring back those memories. More importantly, this bag is quite beautiful, and I hope to see much more from Ralph Lauren in the coming seasons. Priced at $795, available via Ralph Lauren.

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  • gpc

    Yeah, and I was the only one I thought loved fringe and I have been looking for a great fringe bag, and suede is fine! I am going to check this out at the RL boutique near me. Seems like only brown and green. Megs, what is the color you have. Just beautiful!

    • Mine was purple – I had this back in September, so maybe they don’t make this color anymore? But it really is stunning! I would advise checking it out :)

  • louch

    I really don’t like fringe bags but that looks great on you Megs! Definitely not me but the colour is gorgeous.

  • dnfl

    ralph lauren .. wouldn’t have guessed

  • I LOVE fringe bags with major amounts of fringe!

  • I have a bag that had alot of fringe, but I took a piece of leather and cut it into strips and sewed it onto my fringe bag to add another layer….FRINGE!! can’t get enough.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Truly the PERFECT fringed bag! I just ordered mine in black smooth leather, but I adore your purple as well!! Thanks for the pic of it “on” I was wondering how it would look as far as how long the strap was and where the bag would fall. Can’t wait to get my bag!!!