Sometimes when I pick a bag to write about, I know I’m asking for trouble. I don’t mind the disagreement, though – I possess that rare and endearing quality of always thinking I’m right, no matter what (that IS endearing, right? No? Oh). So I present, without fear, the Mulberry Metallic Croc Print Bayswater. Super shiny? Yes, it is. Stamped with an exotic texture? Yes, that too. Too big to pull it off? Probably, but I really like it anyway, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Mulberry Metallic Croc Print Bayswater

Despite the fact that its texture is mirror-slick and not distressed like the metallics I usually prefer, the fact that they used a gunmetal silver instead of a bright, blue-based silver is really winning me over. The texture reminds me of a much less expensive, much more useful version of the Balenciaga Metallic Crocodile Wristlet we’ve talked about recently. I’d choose the Bal in a second, but since I don’t think my credit card limit is that high, the Mulberry version seems like a fun substitute that might actually hold some of my stuff. Buy through ShopBop for $1250.

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