Sometimes when I pick a bag to write about, I know I’m asking for trouble. I don’t mind the disagreement, though – I possess that rare and endearing quality of always thinking I’m right, no matter what (that IS endearing, right? No? Oh). So I present, without fear, the Mulberry Metallic Croc Print Bayswater. Super shiny? Yes, it is. Stamped with an exotic texture? Yes, that too. Too big to pull it off? Probably, but I really like it anyway, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Mulberry Metallic Croc Print Bayswater

Despite the fact that its texture is mirror-slick and not distressed like the metallics I usually prefer, the fact that they used a gunmetal silver instead of a bright, blue-based silver is really winning me over. The texture reminds me of a much less expensive, much more useful version of the Balenciaga Metallic Crocodile Wristlet we’ve talked about recently. I’d choose the Bal in a second, but since I don’t think my credit card limit is that high, the Mulberry version seems like a fun substitute that might actually hold some of my stuff. Buy through ShopBop for $1250.

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  • me

    I like it too! The gunmetal shade is what makes it special, just like you said.

  • Free

    A bit defensive are we? Well, I like this bag, I think it’s definately workable in my wardrobe, especially since I just bought a pair of $2 gunmetal hued earings that would look really expensive next to this bag. ;-)

  • PhotoGirl

    OMG, I love it! Love. It.

  • Giovanna

    Are you kidding me?! Who would not love this bag, it’s shiny, it’s bold, it’s original, it’s gorgeous! Also i would say, this bag is totally worth the price, not unlike so many bag i’ve seen lately…

  • Cari

    I am OBSESSED!!! That bag is fabulous. I love gunmetal and then with a croc print…fab!

  • Sarahsaurus

    OH! I’m in LOVE. This is so going on my wishlist.

  • Sarah

    It comes as a shock to me that I like this bag, but I can see wearing this with a dark green blouse and a black shirt. This bag would be a fun one to carry.

  • Ashley

    Love it, have to have it!

  • Look at all the love Amanda!!!!!

  • Swank

    ooooooooh! That’s fab!

  • Nee

    i actually think its quite fugly…. but would i carry it… YES!

  • Cate

    I personally don’t think Mulberry could make a Bayswater that I didn’t like. Flashy but totally gorgeous!

  • hazel

    I love the gunmetal too and it looks like I could use it to apply lipstick in a pinch. Awesome

  • Amanda


  • Annanovak




  • Penelope

    Yes this is a fabulous bag. I have one left, if anyone is interested e-mail me

  • Jasmine

    I couldn’t get into Mulberry’s Baywater – they just didn’t look that exciting to me. But all that changed when I saw this shiny beauty! I love love love it! I have other silver metallic bags too but could never pair it with my white cotton tops. This bag is shinny but there’s enough black to give it some contrast. And the croc embossed print gives makes the bag pop and all the more special!!

  • Nasha sofea

    It looks gorgeous…!