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Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag
If writing for PurseBlog has taught me only one thing, it’s that half of the handbag world thinks everyone is ripping off Chanel. Is the bag quilted? Chanel rip-off. Does it have a chain? Chanel rip-off. A flap? Chanel rip-off. And honestly, I think a lot of that is truly and utterly silly. Chanel may have used a lot of those things first, but the idea that until the end of time, every bag that uses any of those elements is just redoing their aesthetic is kind of extreme. Designers should be free to use reference designs of the past without being accused of purse plagiarism.

But then I see a bag like the Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag and wonder if maybe the Chanel conspiracy theorists are on to something, at least in some cases. This bag, admittedly, looks an awful lot like it could have been designed by Kaiser Karl himself, and I had to do a double-take when I first saw it listed online. The bag is soft, black and quilted, although the quilts are slightly bigger than Chanel’s signature. The handle is not only chain but also partially encases a ribbon that ends in a big bow, which I’m sure I’ve seen in almost the exact same iteration in Chanel’s famed costume jewelry. It doesn’t have a flap, but neither do all Chanel bags, and the overall effect is just a bit too close for comfort. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $3110.

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  • Merve

    mmm i see what you mean, it also seems to have some kind of charm hanging of it.

  • susan

    I bought a lanvin bag last year. It has to be the WORST quality for the money I’ve ever spent.

  • Sinful Dresses

    Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag can be found everywhere but we have to make sure those are genuin.

  • Mika

    I like the bow and don’t mind the closeness to Chanel design but for the money I really would rather buy a flap – also because the chains on the Lanvin are really heavy(!)

  • Kendra

    A timeless design. (fb)


    it is much more functional than the Chanel

  • Pato

    I don’t think that it look like a Chanel handbag. Yes, it has all the things that a Chanel bag has but it’s in a “Lanvin” way, it looks quite nice to me. It speaks veru Lanvin to me.

    Well, it’s only a matter of taste I think. But I do love Chanel handbags too, quite a lot actually. And this one doesn’t look like a Chanel rip-off.

  • Lana

    I don’t think it looks like chanel .
    Just because it has a metal chain and guilts.
    I own one and I love it a lot, i wear it more often than my chanel flap