Has anyone realized that Vlad and I have been MIA for the past two weeks? We attempted to connect to the online world, we attempted to chat with you all, but there was no internet to be found. We were on vacation in Ohio for two weeks, where Hurricane Ike hit. Ohio. Yes, a hurricane hit Ohio and actually took out massive amounts of power and downed massive amounts of trees. How that storm kept it together for that long, I have no idea. Just want to say I hope all affected by Ike, especially those in Texas, are on the path to recovery ok.

Being in Ohio at times feels like a different world. I can only explain it in a way that things are just slower. It is the Midwest, things work differently. But I love that and miss it. People go out of their way to say hello, ask about your day, and open up doors. I love it.

I forgot that there is a growing hipster crowd in Columbus. They are more hipster chic with designer denim and no-name tee’s. I loved being thrown back into the mix, and while I am not completely hipster, I am much more low key than a designer dressed gal.

A perfect bag for the laid-back vibe would be the Gryson Olivia Pleated Drill Bag. We have covered Gryson before and I have been a fan, but I have found myself more drawn to Gryson recently. The combination on this bag, which is exclusively at Saks, is the perfect hipster look. The gathered blue Italian nylon is trimmed with calfskin leather. Sure, I would prefer this bag in all leather, buy nylon brings the price down and is always a great option for keeping a bag clean and sturdy. As much as black and blue can look like a bruise together, I ultimately love it on this bag! There are two buckled adjustable shoulder straps, double woven top handles, and a zip top closure. Also the outside features a single flap pocket with a zipper. Even though the outside features nylon, Gryson does not skimp on the inside and they line the bag with suede. Dimensions are 17″W X 9″H X 12″D. You know what, hipster-esque or not, I really adore this bag. Buy through Saks for $795.

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  • I don’t like the color or the texture. It looks very weird.

  • Bonniesgirl

    Megs, Love the Olivia. However, I don’t know hipster. What is that?

  • Ellez

    Megs I’m so glad you’re trip went well even though you had to be here in the crappy weather. You’re right though about Ohio being a different world. I just wish it was more fashion forward. Even the Saks in Cleveland feels bare and empty whenever I go in. Anyways, usually I hate blue and black together but the more I look at this bag the more I like it.

  • Louise15

    I have a Gryson bag and love it! They are very well made, I think they look much better in person than they photograph. All pictures I’ve seen have not done them justice.

  • juju

    This is weird looking.