You know what I hate about Gerard Darel? The difficulty in finding its bags online for purchase and having to track them down in select stores. Otherwise, I am a massive Gerard Darel fan. And many of our readers and PurseForum members are as well. I own the Midday Midnight Hobo and I can do nothing other than sing praises of the bag. The leather is thick and smooshy, the design characteristics are both simple yet chic, and the overall appeal is evident. We all need more Gerard Darel in our lives – so please listen to us online retailers, carry the brand!!

While I am not drawn to shopping bags typically, I will make an exception for the Gerard Darel Leather Shopping Bag in cobra print. There are four vivacious colors to choose from (purple, yellow, green, orange). A flat large shoulder bag is not always as usable as other designs, but it comes in handy. The long body leaves room for plenty of items, but the bag is never intended to be filled up until it appears overly bulky. I just adore the color options and can envision this bag being the perfect outfit-finishing-accessory come Spring. The bags retail for $599.00 at Bloomingdale’s (212.705.2691).

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  • HandbagReport

    Megs, I totally agree with you. Gerard Darel bags are hard to find! I would totally rock that tote in every color!

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t really like the super-slim, zipper-sided look these bags have going on, but I like the bright colors.

  • Alana

    Love this!!!

  • Roop

    I prefer bags which are wider rather than taller….just my style. =)

  • suz

    Great bag!

  • CesA


  • somethingbags

    love their 24-hour bags esp the perforated one. can’t find them online,even at bloomingdales :(

  • Handbag Lover

    Nice bag to have for work!

  • patuxxa

    You always make me feel guilty that there are three Darel shops within a mile radius of my workplace :-P

    I’ve owned an off-white 24h Darel bag for about three years and I can vouch for their durability – it’s still pretty much in the same condition as when I bought it.

  • edoardo

    I don’t liek the bags not for the colors (that are amaizng) but for the shapes and the effect…a bit cheap!

  • Mochababe73

    I like the colors, but the slim provile is a problem. Carrying magazines is about the only thing that it’s good for. And, it won’t even fit the September issue of Vogue!

  • Jess

    The colours are incredible. I love the design – it’s easy and chic and simple but it actually takes a lot of design to get it there. Great!

  • susan

    I love Gerard Darel as anyone will tell you it’s a great great bag and I heard about it because of the TPF…thanks Megs for another addiction…lol

  • susan

    I also own 3 of his bag…I forgot to add

  • Kim

    The bags are unbelievably timeless and we sell them on our website feel free check out the variety of handbags.

  • MaBoutique

    Hi Everyone,
    Just here to say that we are running a modest online store selling all of the latest Gerard Darel fashion! Just Google ‘MaBoutique’; we look forward to your visit!
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