Etro Floral Patchwork Flap Shoulder Bag

I feel like my brain is not quite working properly today, because I know that the shape of this bag distinctly reminds me of another bag, but I can’t put my finger on the bag for the life of me. HELP! Anyhow, I am in love with this bag for some odd reason. The shape of the Etro Floral Patchwork Flap Shoulder Bag is alluring along with the differing floral patterns and prints. You will find shades and hues of olive green, teal, and light blue on floral printed leather along with lizard embossed leather trim. Etro seems to draw me in many times with their flaunting designs. To carry the bag there is an adjustable lizard-embossed leather shoulder strap with an 8″ drop. Inside you will find purple satin-finished textile along with a zipped pocket for your goodies. The focal point of the bag that really brings it all together is the square shaped large gold metal buckle. Overall the bag measures 11.5″ x 5″ x 2″. I am still having a bit of a brain hole, so help me with the shape of this bag. I know you will pull through for me. Something about this flashy bag makes me want to click my way over to eLuxury and buy it for $975.


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