If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you may or may not remember (and if you don’t, I certainly don’t blame you) that I have never been an overwhelming fan of Derek Lam’s handbags. Lam’s clothes tend to be great and wearable, but when it comes time for accessories, his thing has never been my thing, so to speak. Finally, though, I’ve found a bag of his that I like without reservation or qualification: the Derek Lam Eiko Shoulder Bag.

Minimalism gets boring quickly when combined with neutral, noncommittal shades of beige and cream, but Lam’s decision to turn up the volume with an in-your-face shade of orange-red shows just how statement-making and bold the trend can be. In some ways, this bag reminds me a lot of Raf Simmons’ Jil Sander Spring 2011 collection: a familiar shape made modern by bright, saturated color.

Part of this bag’s beauty is its simplicity, both outside and inside. The pared-down flap exterior gives way to a slender interior lined in light fabric, with enough room for everyday essentials…and that’s it. The bag doesn’t employ any gimmicks or tricks (unless you count minimalism as a gimmick), but instead merely fulfills its role as a bright, functional fashion piece to the best of its considerable ability. Buy through Saks for $1090.

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  • elinasofia

    I do not think that a bag with a hanging tassle embellishment, a chain strap, a wrist strap and a pleated leather closure can be described as minimalistic. Too much going on to be described as that. Love the colour though, that red looks yummy!

  • Jen

    Great color. Tassle and wrist strap need to go though.

  • Laura

    SPEECHLESS. Beautiful shoulder bag

  • Dorian Gray

    I miss your Versace review…

  • Hedda Gabler

    I do love the color though…

  • ping

    Amanda, you are so honest, hence I love your reviews. I never ever got wowed by any Derek Lam’s collections, esp the bags..but this bag’s color is GREAT!!! But he needs to get rid of the wrist strap..too much w the tassel and the strap…

  • MizzJ

    I think compared to past seasons, this is definitely minimalist! The wrist strap seems pretty useless, but man I love the concept overall of this bag!


  • edoardo

    Speechless love that color and also love Drek design!


  • Stylista

    Indeed! Colour is a great way to spice up minimalism!


  • Jelita78

    style = boring, common, no biggie..
    colour = wow!
    outcome = “u got my attention alright” (ipad)

  • helen

    That bag certainly delivers a punch with that orange. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Great color, ugly bag. (ipad)

  • giannina

    I like it (ipad)

  • giannina

    Its a nice color(ipad)

  • giannina

    Maybe wlo the tassles it woulkd better (ipad)

  • giannina

    Or w/o the side handle (ipad)

  • giannina

    But the color is gorg (ipad)