De Couture Woven Chain and Suede Shoulder BagSometimes even I get a little sick of looking at bags. You can only see so many boring brown hobos and black tote bags with no personality before you get a little bit of handbag ennui from time to time, and it makes you wonder how many mediocre bags with mediocre leather will be sold out there before the market for them is saturated.

Which is why I like the De Couture Woven Chain and Suede Bag, even though I suspect that I might be wrong and it might be ugly. At this point, I don’t even care – let it be ugly, as long as it has a personality to it. It’s so rococo and blinged-out and over-the-top that you almost can’t judge it using the same framework as you would, I don’t know, a Tod’s bag. They’re apples and oranges, and this is one sparkly apple, if you catch my drift. But it manages to be sparkly while still being slouchy and a bit on the hippie side, and straddling those two looks is a difficult thing to do. De Couture manages to do it with considerable aplomb here. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for €884.00.

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  • Merve

    Im simply nuts about the woven chain trend. I loved the stephanie and really like this too. Im not so sure whether i like the suede handle to be black though. Maybe a goldy brown would have looked nicer.

  • renee

    I really like this bag. It’s slinky and sexy but the dark strap at the top doesn’t fit…

  • hh2007

    Amanda, I was reading your blog for awhile, and today I have decided that time has come to express my appreciation of your writing style. I may not agree with what you like, but I enjoy reading your posts. You are very talented. I like the way you present your opinion and how you use different analogies. It is very funny sometimes, in a good way. Thank you for doing good job. (FYI: English is not my first language, don’t judge my writing style, please.)

  • Cherie L.

    This bag is crazy in a nice way, you know what I’m saying. It actually looks well made, expensive, interesting — it has personality — and I’d like to get to know it better.

  • 19yearslater

    I like it! This is the kind of innovation I enjoy in a handbag.

  • @hh2007 Thank you!!! That’s so sweet of you to say. I’ve wanted to be a writer all of my life, so i’m really lucky to get the chance to do this at all. And I would have never guessed that English isn’t your first language :-)

  • Denise

    This bag is definitely a little out there, but I really like it. It would be a great bag to wear at night, with a slinky black dress.

  • MizzJ

    I totally agree with you on this bag. It’s funky and edgy, although it really reminds me of the DvF version.

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice…. i like it …. it will jazz up any casual outfit!

  • Catherine @ Salescoop

    You don’t see this bag everyday that is for sure! This piece is original and edgy, and it would not go with just a white tee and jeans… rocking this bag also entails rocking an original and fun outfit!