I feel like I’m constantly ragging on the Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent bag line, and I really don’t mean to be. I have nothing in particular against the line and I actually quite like the designer’s clothes, but the bags are, over and over again, simply not attractive to me. It’s the brand’s first foray into handbags, so I can only hope that their efforts will improve. When they do, I will be more than happy to write nice things about them.

Bad reviews may be easier to write, but I much prefer it when I find new bags that I love instead of ones that I hate. Sadly, I pretty much loathe the Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Nylon Grocery Bag, which is too bad, since if I’d actually quite like it if it wasn’t for one thing and one thing only.

Twelth St by Cynthia Vincent Nylon Grocery Bag

The price. Good God, THE PRICE. If the company is going to advertise this as a nylon grocery bag, they can’t charger $230 for it. Not when lots of companies make lots of pretty, patterned nylon grocery bags for less than $20 apiece. Sure, this one is lined and divided, which makes it somewhat more functional if you were to buy a load of groceries that was comprised entirely of small, uniformly shaped items and included absolutely zero large frozen pizzas.

But groceries are messy – leaky, wet, lopsided, and unpleasant. Do you really want to put a shoddily wrapped package of hamburger in something that costs $230? I certainly don’t, and the lining only makes it seem more likely to be easily ruined and harder to clean if an accident happens.

I won’t even get into the PR issue of making a grocery bag that costs hundreds of dollars part of a debut line that’s trying to win customers and create an image for itself – let’s just say it’s not something I’d ever recommend doing. Buy through ShopBop for $230.

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