At first glance, the CC Skye The Onie Messenger Bag seems great. The use of both smooth and python-embossed lambskin gives the bag a sense of depth and texture, and the crossbody structure and schoolyard feel are on-trend and very current without losing the bag’s classic appeal.

But then…what is this bag supposed to be used for, exactly? At first I thought it was a high-end school or work bag, but the 13″x13″ dimensions and shallow depth mean that it could only be used for small books and an iPad or netbook at most. At the same time, though, those dimensions seem a little bulky for an everyday handbag.

That has to be its intended purpose, though. Proportionately, I wish the handle was slightly more prominent and the bag slightly wider if it was intended to be carried as a satchel, or that the overall shape was a bit smaller if the bag was intended primarily as a crossbody handbag. As it is, the size and shape sit right between the bag’s two most likely purposes and make either use a bit awkward. It’s too bad, because the finishing and feel of this bag are great. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $595.

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  • mochababe73

    On top of that, the bag looks very heavy. I don’t know if this is something that I could carry everyday. For me, it’s too big to be an everyday bag.

  • sunflower

    I just bought this bag a few weeks ago and I love it. I use it as my purse. I carry quite a few items for everyday and I find this bag comfortable and nice looking with the python embossing. It’s not heavy at all, and the hardware is sturdy and functional.

  • SanDiegoGirl

    I’m not sure I fully understand… You’re asking for the bag to be wider to serve as a satchel, but yet you say it’s a little bulky to be an everyday handbag. So if it was in fact wider, you wouldn’t want to use it as an everyday bag, because it’d be even bulkier at that point? What would make you want to use it as an everyday — what’s your ideal?

  • Adiva Artuvogue

    Why do people always try and find something wrong with everything? This bag is great! It holds tons of the right stuff and it will not get to heavy because of it’s medium size. This bag is inventive and new! To me this is a chic briefcase for a modern women who only needs and ipad and a notebook, wallet sun glasses and some cosmetics. If aything, the only thing I am mixed on is the idea of the functional buckles. Should the be fake with a mag snap? So I say, not all bags have to fit the “kitchen sink”!!! Go CC, this bag is great! xxAA