Sometimes it seems like Apple gadgets get all the love. Designers have been falling all over themselves to make specialized cases and holders for the company’s iPhones and iPads, but I can’t think of anyone that has come out with a specially designed product for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.

Until now, that is. The Diane Von Furstenberg Kallie Kindle Case is a stylish option for people who have chosen a gadget that doesn’t rank quite as high on the style meter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – everyone I know who has a Kindle loves it.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about getting one myself. I’m one of those rare (or maybe not-so-rare?) people that actually likes to read. And I always have; I was a comparative literature minor in college merely because I liked taking classes that assigned interesting books. I’ve yet to decide what kind of e-reader I want and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that this case is helping the Kindle seem like a more palatable option.

I already explained on PurseBlog how much I love the DVF clutch made out of this same material, and I could use the cash I save by buying a Kindle instead of an iPad to get relatively inexpensive case to protect it. The detail that won me over? The bright pink suede interior. Buy through ShopBop for $165.

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  • amy

    I think A LOT of people like to read, right now there are about 5 ereaders on the market. I have the Barnes and Noble NOOK with a Jonathan Adler case and love it!! They have about 30 cases to choose from and you can personlize your NOOK with your favorite color backplate. You can store 1,500 books, music and photos and if that is not enough you can expand the memory. They are really great!!

  • mochababe73

    I din’t own any e-readers. I love technology and am addicted to my Blackberry. However, I still like to hold the book in my hand. I love putting my bookmarker in the book.
    I love stingray, and this stingray embossing with the zebra print is so pretty. This almost makes me want an e-reader.

  • Lauren

    Looked at all the E-readers on the market, have the Kindle, LOVE the Kindle and adore this case. It is currently in my Amazon wishlist. I didn’t realize the interior was pink. You might have just sold me on buying it sooner rather than later!

  • 19yearslater

    I’ve been wanting an ereader as well, I love reading. It’s my favorite hobby, above even fashion. This is a nice case, seems it might make the Kindle look like a clutch.

  • mary s

    i think with the recent price cut, you can BOTH an ipad for 499, and a kindle wifi only for 139$ :) just saying!

  • Ginger O

    NICE! Looks great! I love my Kindle, this would be a great accessory.

  • Adiva Artuvogue

    o Diane, can you make me a ipad/kindle case, something with a dual function that fits both?

  • Chris

    I love reading. But I also love to hold a book – and I love to see them on my shelves. . So – as much as I adore Diane von Fuerstenberg and her designs – I will not buy this. Ever. Leaves me with money for a nice purse. :-)