Something that I require in every shoulder bag that I buy is what I like to call “elbow clearance.” That means that if I were to swing the bag onto my shoulder with one hand, my forearm would fit underneath the straps without hitting my elbow on the top of the bag and without any extra jostling or wiggling to get it onto my shoulder. It’s harder to find than you’d think, and it always excites me when I see it.

Rebecca Minkoff Love Daring Zipper Hobo

So I find the Rebecca Minkoff Love Daring Zipper Hobo very, very exciting. It looks like you could swing it onto your shoulder all day without any uncomfortable wiggling to get it into place, and the leather is likely to be the thick, soft stuff for which Minkoff is known and praised. Because of my own habits, though, I worry about the closure – I tend to leave my bags unfastened, and if I did that with this bag, the zipper-accented strap that wraps around the bag would probably dangle all the way down the side of my body. It’s probably a small price to pay for a comfortable everyday bag, though. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $495.

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  • MeMe C

    I know exactly what you mean. When I bought a kenneth Cole bag, it was what I was looking for lots of elbow room and it sits on my shoulder comfortably and I also leave my purse open too. I think its a New York thing cause I’m always in a hurry and I need access to get my metro-card!!!

  • Allison

    I really like this bag also…The tassel details on the side are as far as I’ll go with the “fringe” trend. Yeah, I realize that’s not really fringe, but it gives the same feeling and I think this handbag will have more staying power than bags that have fringe all over them. I also really liked this in the burgundy color…Its a great size for an every day bag, and I think the price point is pretty affordable for the quality of the bag. Love the closure, but yeah i can see myself leaving it open at times and looking a bit sloppy as well. Good point Amanda.

  • Kuji

    this is called the “Darling” hobo not “Daring”