Writing about Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is almost always very pleasant. They’re reasonably priced, made of really nice leather for their price tags, and most of the bag shapes come in enough colors that most people will be able to find one that they like.

For example, I’m not an overwhelming fan of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nappa Lil Lissy Shoulder Bag, but I have a feeling that this sad tan of a neutral isn’t the only shade that it’s going to come in, and that sort of frees me up to think about the bag as a shape only. Which is great, because that color? Blech.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nappa Lil Lissy Shoulder Bag

It just looks so soft. And when a bag is soft, functional, and assumingly comes in a color that is not the one that we see here, what else is there to worry about? The knotted handles slightly increase the casual, weekend feel of this little shoulder bag, but the overall design is simple enough that it could easily also be worn in a business-casual atmosphere, particularly in a somewhat staid color option like black. Buy through Saks for $378.

Sweet Summertime

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