Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Classic Q Shoulder Bag

No kidding: I’m approximately a half second away from ordering the Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Classic Q Shoulder Bag on Net-a-Porter. I’m barely restraining myself. The color? Beautiful. The leather? Soft. The size? Functional. The price? Reasonable.

I wasn’t entirely sold on this bag until I saw it in person, but it’s actually really great. The leather is what we’ve come to expect from Marc by Marc Jacobs, even at sub-$350 price tags: thick, soft and pliable. And there’s plenty of it, as it takes the center stage on this simple yet chic bag.

The color is also fantastic for winter – if you’ve never paired purple with charcoal grey, you’ve never really created a cold-weather outfit. It would also go with basically anything in my wardrobe, and the only color that I ever pause to pair it with is red. A purple bag can absolutely be used every day, and this one is in such a functional shape and size that I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

As I mentioned previously, though, my favorite part is the price. I defy you to find a bag with leather as nice as this one for less. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $330.

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  • Nicole

    I LOVE this bag, it is super light too! It also comes in red, I saw it at Nordies the other day. It is a beautiful bright fun red too.

  • Anna

    I ADORE this color, so much that I have a trench coat in it. I think I might have to take the plunge. I completely agree with what you said about charcoal grey+ deep, royal purple. It equals heaven. For a superfun touch, I like to add in some mellow or neon yellow to the mix ;)

  • Amanda R

    Oh god… I love this bag.

    Why did you have to write about it, Amanda?!?!

  • Loquita

    I am pretending *really hard* to have not seen this review, nor the accompanying photo. Because if I didn’t see it then I can’t want this bag really really really badly…la la la la la la la (sticks fingers in ears).

  • txgirlie

    This bag reminds me a lot of the RM Mini Beloved! But I think I prefer the MB for the extra pockets and the cute tassels.

  • Jane

    I am in love with this bag, of course I am singing right now how I am in love with this bag. Oh how i adore thee.

  • Ana

    oh goddd… i think is perfect. I need it!!!

  • smoocherooch

    MJ’s bags and its colors never fails me =) I love the color of this bag and the red is also to die for. I have never seen it in person but dying to order it on for the red.

  • smoocherooch

    Had it delivery to my door in red. Its a beauty and perfect size which goes with the price. LOVE LOVE

  • bindc

    I want this bag!! It’s perfect. I’ve been looking for a cross-body but something more than the skinny cross-bodies that seem to be everywhere now. This is perfect. Xmas, here I come!

  • Chanti

    Arggh…I want this.

  • Jenny

    YAY YAY YAY! just a classical and can go with anything :)