Oddly enough, I’ve always thought that neoprene was a bit of an underrated fabric for bags. It’s a particular (and maybe peculiar) look, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish if used smartly.

The reasons that I like it so much are at least partially on display in the absolutely adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs Macro Marc Neoprene Tobo Bag. If you’d like to know what they are (or if you’d like to tell me I’m nuts), I think you know where you need to click.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Macro Marc Neoprene Tobo Bag

First and foremost, this bag makes it really obvious that neoprene makes a great venue for color. You can get bright, poppy hues with a synthetic like this that you rarely find with leather, and the texture and finish of neoprene give a color the maximum possible exposure.

And then, of course, there are also the practical considerations. It’s soft and flexible, but also very durable. Neoprene became famous for its use in wetsuits, so I’m betting that it’s safe to take one of these tobos out in rainy or otherwise inclement weather. The material is also a favorite for laptop protective sleeves, so the thin but cushy texture will likely keep your belongings safe while inside. It may not be as beautiful as leather, but I think it has some nice upsides in its own right. Buy through ShopBop for $348.

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  • Cindy

    thumbs down. never did like wearing a wetsuit when I surfed and certainly wouldn’t want to ‘carry’ one as a bag.

  • Jane

    I have no idea how I would feel about this until I have the chance to feel it in person. The neoprene tote is still wicked expensive.

  • 19yearslater

    It takes a moment to realize that the texture is letters, and I think that this would be a very fun hobo for spring and summer. Then again, I pretty much believe that MBMJ can do no wrong. I love nearly every bag by the brand.

  • Paula_Rose

    I think this bag is fun, but @ $348 is a bit overpriced…for neoprene! Im a huge MJ fan but the price needs to be reeled in on this one.

  • elisa

    i love this bag, although others havent cared much for it. i have the newsprint color.. shes my baby!

  • AW

    The color is indeed great and vibrant but i still prefer it when MJ uses those great leathers.