There are few things in handbag life that I love more than a big, slouchy, comfortable hobo. They may not be the most functional bags as far as finding your stuff when you need something that has drifted to the bottom, but I enjoy carrying them more than anything else.

For some reason, double-handle bags almost always tend to drift off of my shoulder, and usually hobos have much more generous handle drops than their tote counterparts. I’m a lazy, ineffectual person by nature, so a bag that I can put on my shoulder and forget about is almost a necessity for me. The Linea Pelle Vanessa Hobo looks like a perfect prospect.

Linea Pelle Vanessa Hobo

My first inclination was not to like this bag, but then when I looked at how my Balenciaga Day Bag looks after being worn in to perfection for a year, the shapes are almost identical (although my Bal is more square on the bottom, which I would generally prefer from this bag). It has just enough going on visually to keep things from being too “blah,” but it keeps it simple enough that the extreme slouch and beautiful braided shoulder strap are the real stars of the show. Buy through Saks for $495.

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13 years ago

Looks a lot like Rebecca Minkoff’s Darling which looks a lot like Velvetine’s Iggy hobo.

13 years ago

definitely not worth 495..nothing too special

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