It’s not like I’ve never seen the Linea Pelle Dylan line before. I have. The collection has been popular and widely appreciated for some time now, but it never really made me go “OMG AMANDA WANT” like some other bags.

Slowly, though, the love for these bags has been creeping up on me. I’ve found myself to be quite a fan of the hobo, and now I think I’m also in love with the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Speedy.

linea pelle dylan large speedy

These bags can be, at times, difficult to locate in stores, so if you’ve never had the pleasure of holding one in your hand, let me assure you: the leather is as soft and wonderful as it looks. Maybe even more so, if that’s possible. It’s also thick and luxe feeling, which is the perfect leather characteristic combination (so says me).

So when you combine that with a great dusty purple color and a functional shape that can be carried either as a satchel or a shoulder tote, I think I’m sold. It took me a long time to get here, but in this case, it’s the destination that counts. Buy through Luna Boston for $425.

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