At first, I was really excited when I initially saw the LeSportsac Pop Shopper. I thought, how wonderful! A bag that folds up super tiny that you can throw in your regular bag and pull out if you get caught in the rain or if you make an impromptu trip to the grocery to grab a few things and don’t want to waste a plastic bag!

But, upon further examination, that’s not exactly the case. It’s just a nylon bag that comes with a little pouch. Anyone else a bit disappointed?

LeSportsac Pop Shopper

When I saw how the bag was positioned with the little pouch, the printed pocket graphic on the outside of the tote itself, and the name of the tote, I thought for sure that it was collapsible and that it would “pop” out of that little pouch when needed. Nope. Wrong. That’s what happens when I make assumptions.

If that had been the case, I’d be super enthusiastic about this bag – it’d be a great thing to have in your purse! But as it is, it’s just another nylon tote bag, and I have plenty of those already. Buy through ShopBop for $48.

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  • Jane

    I kind of get the tongue and chic look of the bag. The tote has a pretend pocked on the front, but the pocket is really in the tote. However, I am surprised that LeSportsac hasn’t jumped on the large bag in a small bag craze.

  • Anna

    Oh, how disappointing. I also thought that it folded up to a tiny rectangle, and was quite happy because I knew that LeSportSac would be durable enough to carry heavy groceries or whatnot. So sad. It is very tongue-in-cheek, though.

  • thisismypurse

    I thought the same thing. Why in the world did they call it a Pop Shopper?

  • carrie

    I think they called it pop shopper because the colors and “pocket and zipper” is inspired by pop art. I don’t know what you gals are talking about the bag totally fits in the pouch. love this bag.

  • JerZygirLz

    Who doesn’t know about pop art!? I agree with Carrie, don’t know what them gals are talking about, this is perfect for grocery shopping! :)