Whenever I pack for a trip, I’m always scrambling at the end to try and figure out how I should be traveling with my jewelry. I don’t have much in the way of expensive baubles, but I generally try to take good care of even the cheap stuff, and I’ve never found much of a good way to pack it. One time, at the last minute, I just decided to throw it all on and wear it there – and then I got to the airport and remembered why that wasn’t a genius idea.

Admittedly, there are probably lower-priced alternatives than the Felix Rey Emma Jewelry Pouch, but at the moment, it looks like an attractive and useful solution to a problem that I have constantly.

Felix Rey Emma Jewelry Pouch

The bow and stud details are cute, particularly for such a utilitarian luggage accessory, and it seems like it would do the job just fine. Now if only I had a trip planned…Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $85.

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