Every now and then, when I’m trying to write a post about a bag, I feel like it comes out something like this: It’s leather! It’s bag-shaped! You can wear it on your shoulder, or on your arm, if you want to mix things up! Your stuff goes inside of it, and it’ll probably all fit!

The Cole Haan Amalfi Pleated Satchel inspired one of those posts, which I already wrote and deleted. I just can’t figure out anything interesting to say about it, although it does appear to be a perfectly nice bag. But is it too boring?

Cole Haan Amalfi Pleated Satchel

I don’t think it’s boring, I just think that I can’t think of an interesting angle on it. Which is my fault, so, ya know, mea culpa. The pleating is actually quite nice, and I think that the leather looks like it would be soft and supple. The color would be better off if it were either darker or brighter, I don’t like the middle ground that it currently occupies, but this isn’t the only color it comes in. Overall, I’d give this bag a solid B, and it’s the average stuff that’s so hard to write about. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $395.

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