American Retro Corina Leather Fingerless GlovesSo the American Retro Corina Fingerless Leather Gloves aren’t a handbag, I realize that. But they are a leather accessory (and a clever one, at that), so I thought that their existence may be of some interest to you guys.

They’re like over-the-knee boots, except they’re for your arms and they don’t make it hard to walk! Kind of neat, right. And I’ve always wondered what you would wear with a short-sleeved heavy coat, many of which seem to be populating fashionable stores for this winter. I mean, if it’s heavy, that means your arms are going to get cold if it’s cold enough outside to wear it, right?

Well these super fierce, industrial-influenced gloves solve that problem, should you have it. And it’s a problem I’d like to have, because I’d like to have a reason to buy a pair of these. Maybe I could just sit around my apartment and blog in them? I mean, they do leave your fingers free to type… Buy through ShopBop for $312.

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  • ottercat

    Paging Halle Barry — we found the missing parts to your Catwoman costume. Go regulate.

  • Joan

    I’ve always loved American Retro since they are ahead of trends. Check out some of their yummy sweaters at online boutique They are all 50% off.

  • sueclaire

    I use some pretty funky (but ugly) fingerless gloves with a mitten foldover to drive the car in Winter, before the heating kicks in. Your fingerless driving gloves – there’s a statement! Or to get your ticket in and out of the bag on public transport…. or try some fingerfood at a food and wine festival in cold weather…., or at a fancy do…. Black leather is good ANYWHERE!