If the old adage that bad things come in threes is to be believed, then there is one more terrible Valentino bag out there that’s I’m going to have to hate on before the brand returns to it’s normally fabulous self. First, a few days ago, there was the Valentino Petale Satchel, which was too squished and not the right color. There was also the Valentino Bow Shopping Tote that Anna didn’t like, but I’m not counting it in my personal list of unfortunate bags since I didn’t write about it (although perhaps it does count cosmically, I don’t know if the powers that be consider bylines when dealing with triads of bad bags). Regardless, my next entry in my list of three is the Valentino Houndstooth Fleur Bag.

Valentino Houndstooth Fleur Bag

I think I understand what they were trying to accomplish here (theoretically, that would be a bag that Charlotte from Sex and the City would wear with some pearls), but the combination of the tightly wound patent leather flowers and the woven nylon houndstooth (I died a little bit typing that) fabric is not luxurious in the least. In fact, it strikes me as almost costume-y, although I’m not sure what costume it would go with…maybe if you’re going as a WASP this Halloween. Buy through Nordstrom for $1395.

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  • amelia masniari

    so beautiful… love that so muchhhhhh….

  • Claire

    Ugh, it looks like something you’d get at Walmart.

  • Mandy

    All I can say is UGH.

  • sKelly: www.theworldlywriter.com

    Triple UGH. I love houndstooth, I love roses. But not together unless it’s a houndstooth jacket and I’m holding a bunch of roses for some reason.

    Go back to the drawing board, Val.

  • renee

    There are so many ways they could have done this right.

  • Free

    This reminds me of the mid-80’s when houndstooth was EVERYWHERE. It kind of has that Sixteen Candles vibe to it, like I could see Molly Ringwald rocking it with leggings, a mini, a cut-off jean jacket and a thousand bracelets on each arm. So retro.


  • Olga

    I love/hate this bag…

  • linda

    Not only do they have some fabulous bags, they have may other items too. Hats, scarves, candles, gear for pets, items for yoga and even a entire section full of goodies for men.


  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    This bag definitely is not my cup of tea. I can see this bag being suitable for a funeral or such. I like the handles of the bag though, without the overbearing rose or that ill-fitting houndstooth underneath.

  • Anti-Houndstooth

    Agree with Sarah. The bottom half looks like a filled houndstooth diaper or a sack of medical waste. I’d be afraid to open it.


  • Anna

    I love it. In person it absolutely gorgeous.
    BTW, it was sold out within 24 hours at Nordies during their presale.